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Brain Drops: Your Plan vs Your Goal

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  1. Thank you for this website. I share the the same beliefs you do on life… Trying to get this through to my son Emanuel. The things I tell him are confirmed by you many times( I said it it first but what do moms know??)You’ll see him on the field one day and when you interview him.. You can tell him that Mom was right☺
    Once again THANK YOU

  2. Thank you so much, Steve Harvey! I needed these words today.

  3. Thank you for the clarity Steve, in recent my mental focus is a challenge at times so im I’m constantly re-focusing on the goals but you broke down the difference like I was a 3 year old, thanks????

  4. I was with you Steve, up until the end when you said “it doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you get there”. I think it does matter, otherwise, if I cheat, lie, steal etc….it’s all good because hey, I got there???

  5. Dear , Steve I have many goals and dreams , I want be a entrepreneur’s but I not sure I have skill for it.

  6. I have been though many things in life so I am not going to drink or smoke (I quite several years ago) I have had cancer twice Epilepsy and now two strokes . I am not a “great looking guy” and have had 1 date in Over a year of online dating. Out of ideas on on dating and I am frustrated!

  7. I’m using safari on an iPhone and can’t view any videos? Can you give me an advice how to view.

    1. Watch Steve’s videos on YouTube here:

  8. Thank you so much for your motivation, I really appreciate it and I have been putting it off to open up a senior or child daycare just was unsure since things went left field with a friend. I have learned from that now I’m trying to get pass it all and listening to you have help me out. Thank you so much.

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