Believe In The Unknown | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

It all happens at an appointed time, but you have to stay in faith for the appointed time to happen for you. God has got a great life for you. I’m telling you, God got a plan for you that’s so out of sight it will trip you out. All you got to do is ask Him for it and wait on it and be willing to work.

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  1. Ive always wanted to be an actor and im very talented. Just never had the oppurtunity to present otdelf currently homeless and trying to get my life together.

  2. You are my lol model for everything’s

    1. Steve, you are speaking nothing but the power of belief in God. If people would only trust the words of the Lord, they will eventually experience what he says. There’s power in the tongue, so begin to prophecy your future and trust God to manifest it in His perfect time. My dear brother Steve, your light will cause the darkness to take a back seat to unbelief. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  3. Am slowly moving forward patiently

  4. My name is Dana Burnette I listen to your radio station Monday through Friday morning.

  5. Very profound motivational speech. This really uplifted my spirit.

  6. Excellent speech

  7. Amen Mr. Harvey, Facts, You Have Wisdom May God Continue To Bless You.

  8. Hey Steve, I’m so proud of you man!! I’ve been in the business close to 40yrs , I thank God everyday for giving me an opportunity to be in the game this long and GFOS James Brown who gave me the name Minnesota Fattz and my first job in radio at his Radio Station WRDW. Steve, I can remember backstage at the Bell Auditorium in Augusta you said hey Fattz (Quote) once I master this radio game I’m going to be a force and you proved that and beyond. I just wanna say you have been an inspiration to me .2020 been ruff lost my baby brother, uncle, 2 first cousins all within 6 weeks due to covid. my wife is on oxygen 18hours a day and yes my plate is full and I’m not complaining working radio taking of her all the chores at home it’s a lot but every time I turn that Radio/TV on the motivation is there because of God and you. Thanks my friend for being just Steve ..Love ya Man!!

  9. I know that God has good plans for my life…I shall write down my vision,work hard towards it and patiently wait upon him(God)..

  10. Through God’s grace and mercy I’m believing God for the unthinkable. God has begun to show his self strong and mighty in my life. So I will continue to give God all the glory, honor and all the praise he is so deserving of and continue to thank him for doing the unthinkable and miraculous in my life knowing that only because of his grace and mercy that I’m still alive and doing well and blessed and highly favored by him and Lord I Thank you every day of my life. My faith is strong and my love for you Lord is so major. Father you are my everything

  11. Thank you so much I really needed to hear this 🙏🏽

  12. You Speaking my language. You are an example of what Faith looks like. You had a Praying Mother

  13. I no there’s more to life for me because I am unbelievable.

  14. Steve is a great influence on many people who are still in a struggle trying to remain faithful

  15. I can see God but I know only God can get “ME” thru a lifetime of being ME…from poor decision making to just wanting to belong somewhere…being used to fix people who Loved how I loved but had no intention of returning it….ONLY GOD only a GOD could continuously give ME the audacity to praise HIM still. Yesterday I asked my sons father…( whom I live with temporarily because some how my son has been placed in his care temporarily(situation in which he also had a hand in). if he’d take my son to the doctor he’s been in his custody for 11 weeks and has NOT obtained a physical or any type of medical report for 5 yr old Logan who complains of headaches and stomach aches frequently to the degree he will lay around on those days…I asked dad would he please take Logan to the Dr. he stared at me with a cold chilling stare and asked me?…DO I think he is concerned with what a person of my CALIBER is saying …so I asked what is my Caliber? Then I asked what did he assume his CALIBER to be to have married ME two times ,bore a son ,and I still live at his house contrary to having my own house and care for Logan and often times him Leon ( sexually ) when I refused I would be told to get out …the only reason leaving matter is because Logan has already been traumatized by a malicious removal from me while residing in Kentucky (Maysville) in a Women Crisis Center escaping another attack against me by him Leon …Logans dad …the crooked case workers gave Logan to Leon ..I could not find a lawyer within my budget who didnt care about me being black in KENTUCKY …so now if I want to be with Logan …I have to be under Leons guidlines Lord knows its been like being buried alive but I Thank God that Im still here ….and I get to be with my son until my other children arrive here in Arkansas ( where I have returned to where i own a home …kentucky mandated me to get a house for me and my children in order to consider reunification…so I was TOLD to come to Arkansas by caseworkers where I already was a homeowner if I wanted to get my children back …This is where we ran from…so I asked God …How and Why knowing the trauma we had sustained allow me to come back here ….all I could Think of is so he could use THIS entire situation for his glory. Leon could have gotten all of my children the same time that he got Logan to prevent them being stuck in the system in another state ….He told me he would but the day of ….He told me if I was “good “that he would go back and get my children…He would ask for sex and get off then complain that I wasnt doing it right…only because he would use that as a reason Not to get my babies …..The verbal abuse and put downs daily I would try and defend myself and then the Lord showed me that It wasn’t me . It was the ENEMY who knew/knows whats inside of me ….its an attack below the belt from the Enemy who wants me to quit.The Enemy knows that if and WHEN I SURVIVE this my focus will be back where it needs to be ….THE ENEMY KNOWS …that in this situation he can track me but the moment that my child and I find relief and are reunited…The Enemy will be ALONE….without ME…someone who is by no means perfect but is ANOINTED TO LOVE .I KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE …ALL MY LIFE I HAVE BEEN A REALLY GOOD PERSON . WHO SETTLED ..WHO DID ANYTHING FOR LOVE …WHO FIXED OTHERS AND ABANDONED ME! BUT YET I TRUST GOD! I DONT HAVE ANY MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND I AIN RICH IN MONEY BUT I KNOW THAT GOD FAVORS ME. HE HAS PRESERVED ME FOR A TIME AS SUCH…# PRAY ME AND MY CHILDREN STRENGTH IN THE LORD💪

  16. Sir Steve thanks for this encouragement much appreciated may bless you

  17. i Will keep on praying need our bills to be paid food Christmas gifts for my son and granddaughter I know he is making away God is Able hallelujah thank you Jesus and thank you God for this man of God blessings hugs my brother God is Love ❤️ 🙏❤️ My cash app is $luluM77 if anyone can help thanks ❤️

  18. My husband and I always want to be a homeowner. And we is still standing on God word.

  19. Amen!!!! Faith, Faith and more Faith!!!!

  20. Thanks Steve! Maybe you right….time will tell…….

  21. I have the Big Time Faith. My story is a bit complicated, but interesting! I’m not a sad sacK! Been in culinary 33 yrs. l love it and once upon a short time ago when things were looking good about 5 yrs ago in my new catering business working Extremely hard serving Wholefood Organic Style Tidewater VA ~ SOULFUL Foodie things. The Catering business made it to Music Hall !!! Dancing for The Stars 900 pp. We got Raves!!
    All heck broke lose!! Not to go into details, I had to close my doors 4 mos. or so later. Staff, my location just things went downhill. I was set for tv interviews etc. ready to grow. It just didn’t happen. and I was crushed. I have delivery concept now and My vision hasn’t left me I just stepped aside to allow Jesus to take this business concept and lead me. Not me . I dove in back in 2011 taking my Mother’s words to just do it This is who you are, God will provide . She passed away a few days later.

  22. I needed that!! I dream of being out of debt and able to purchase my very own home, owning it outright. I believe that God will make it happen.

    Thank so much uncle Steve!

  23. Worked for others all my life, Not a very Family related child hood, continued thru out my adult life had a few personal things happen in my life that was not good but it produced someone beautiful. On my second marriage which was a little rocky but we survived , have 2 grown sons . Now retired age 72 and I still think I’m worthless. Can’t grow in my little on line business I look back on my life and wish I could have done better. Still praying

  24. Love this

  25. I love Steve’s motivational speeches. My favorite one is where he tells us to JUMP so I did in 2018. Since then I’ve published 3 books that are currently being sold all over the world. Places I’ve never been to or even though about going . My book is being sold in online bookstores in Korea, Chile, UK, Norway, USA and many other places. I too like Steve have faith in God and he hasn’t failed me yet😊 Thank you Steve for sharing your story with us. You Inspire and encourage many people who just need a little faith , a big dream and determination😘 Continue to be a blessing. Michele D. Smith

  26. I pray everyday to live better to be able to provide for my family, own a home and a car. I’ve recently completed a masters degree in public Administration can’t get a job. God has sustained me through all my endeavors, faith is all I have. I Thank you uncle Steve.

  27. If there is one motivational story i have ever listened is the apollo inspired me

  28. I have written a book, but don’t know who to contact or what to do next, that has been my dream, i’ve been through a lot with my
    5 kids, now they are grown and wondering why I haven’t published my book, I guess even God is wondering what happen to me and
    the talent he gave me

  29. Incredibly inspiring!!!

  30. Thank you Steve, Please keep sharing. I am 59 and still believe God has good plans for my life. You are awesome…God Bless You for your faithfulness and your testimony…Merry Christmas

  31. i love steve and watch all of his tv shows and he is so right about god
    AND I PRAY GOD continue to bless him AND HIS FAMILY

  32. U could not loose faith

  33. Wow! Steve is inspirational, funny and he tells the truth! I like how he reminds us that if God can give him an abundant life despite his mistakes, no college degree, set backs and homelessness he’ll bless us too. Keep the faith and don’t give up. There is something better just around the corner.

  34. Thanks for the word from God may God bless you and your family and keep you in he care Tamara

  35. May God bless you with many years Steve,so that I can meet with you ♥️🤞 I love you Man ❤️😭🤞

  36. I know that #MySovereignGOD has a plan for my #PurposeInLife; #AMEN & #ThankYouJESUSForAllThatYouveDoneYouAreDoingAndWhatYouWillDoForMe!

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