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Do you have a vision board created for 2021? My course can change the course of your life!! I always get asked about my vision board so I created a course to teach you how to create one for yourself. Join Vault 365 to learn how to make one.


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  1. A person past don’t determine their future. I know Steve Harvey would be interested in music from men who were incarcerated made from inside prison. And one gentleman we call the one man band who is artist also

  2. I’ve always had a vision to work at a Radio Station doing my own show as a DJ playing music for listeners and networking on this path towards my goals doing something I love growing up but I was side tracked after getting a job with the Health Dept in NYC I lost focus because I don’t people that can recommend me knowing that it’s about who you know in town to give you the opportunity after when I graduated from college.
    I didn’t quit but am still doing what I love on my own at home when I have to practice and I am good with Photography as well. I write comedy and hoping to do a Demo soon to see how it goes. Iol…
    I always listened on most of your view points on any topics on Radio or Television when am able to catch a show you are featured in and I see myself speaking and having the same view points. This Motivated video is an inspiration to me always and I hope to meet with you some day but only God knows when that day will be…
    Keep up the good work that you continue to do in the world and God’s blessings.

  3. A Vision Board interesting never heard the Words like this before… A Board filled with a Think Tank of Visions… My, My, My… Uncle Steve I’ll see you in your Vault 365 First Class Seat. Blessings. Bel Brown

  4. Lydia sees the past few months as a stumble that in time she will be able to conquer and achieve her goals.
    There is a quote by Max Ehrmann that she finds comfort in: “Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors & aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life”.

  5. Very inspiring message. I needed to hear this uncle steve. I’m always watching from Zambia. Your videos have always given me courage and hope for a better future.
    Cheers uncle Steve🥂
    Continue doing u.

  6. Uncle steve, I needed to hear that.
    Am going to draft my vision board by this week. And every day I wake up it’s going to be the first thing I look at and pray for.
    It’s always a pleasure to learn for from you.
    Continue doing you.
    Sendindg my Love from Zambia.🥂

  7. I really need to take this course

  8. I started my vision board since I learned from Steve Harvey about it! Write it see it do it!!I adore this man wigs has so much love and good guidance that really works!! Also believe in God with taking direction and action I know it works Thank you Mr Harvey for sharing all you know and do for others

  9. Vision is everything# the greatest drive..
    Vision makes one perceive things that they naked eye can’t see.. I pray that God grant me the grace to achieve that which he lead down for me to achieve.
    Love you Mr Harvey… indeed you can never led people to a place you never been to..Mr Harvey God bless you

  10. I started minds 3 days ago. Yes 🙌🏽 I’m keeping all my faith 365 Steve ,on the last days of this year I’ll upload on my phone, Blessings to Steve have a wonderful Christmas with your family .

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