Brain Drops

Brain Drops: Expect

Your mission, your purpose and your destiny will all be tied to one thing: your gift.

Live your life with an expectation of great things to happen. They key is to not focus on the negative, don’t allow your mistakes to bury you.

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  1. Sharing with my children. Emanuel and Nola.

  2. God has blessed me with the GIFT of Gospel/Christian Songwriting; HE has given me over Fifty Songs: Traditional, Contemporary , Hip-Hop
    and Southern Gospel. HE has also given me. Current Event Songs like: “Crosses of Redemption of Columbine” MARCHING FOR OUR LIVES”-Stop Gun Violence “, WEDDING SONG”Coming Together As One” and “FAT And ALL THAT!”. Dorothy Taylor you tube or Dorothy Taylor Songwriter Google+ has 8 Music Video’s : ” AMERICA UNITED” Unity, Kids and Patriotic (3 Versions). ‘ARMAGEDDON” , “BEFORE I DIE” ;My personal request to GOD before my flesh pass away-This is WHO I AM!! I am sharing this information about my God Given GIFT is because it has been a 30 yrs. Journey. Over the years GOD has placed me in various Ministries to help people and for the passed Twenty-Five Years , We/My Husband and I have done that! Two of the Ministries We Foundered CTEC-IN AURORA , IL and HOUSE OF BLESSING in Preston , MS ; HENDERSON RIDGE CHURCH , PRESTON .MS 39354. GOD has brought Us / Me full circle and the Holy Spirit spoke and said it is TIME to Finish and put out the Song’s. I passed the HOUSE OF BLESSINGS over to another Ministry called HOPE MISSION’S. I have and are RELEASING the “ARMAGEDDON”CD and “AMERICA UNITED” CD and CD Baby is our DISTRIBUTION Co. The CD’S are in Various Local Stores and Ministries and 20% is going back into the KINGDOM of GOD! I have spoken to a couple of Radio Stations about AIR PLAY and so far they haven’t Played the Music; I Trust GOD and Believe that HE DIDN’T give me over Fifty Song’s in Gospel/ Christian Music to sit Dormant. I was watching. your T.V PROGRAM and your mention go to and tell your story and maybe you will have me on your Program. I must admit this is NOT my first time submitting for help to your Program; NOT Complaining because your have Millions of People contacting your for one thing or another. The difference with me is that I want to SHARE what GOD has Blessed me with and that has been my life! I want to be a Blessing to the KINGDOM ; Giving GOD ALL THE GLORY!!! I just need so help with AIR PLAY and. EXPOSURE: T.V and Radio. Songwriting is a GIFT from GOD and it is to touch HEART’S and Reach Souls for the KINGDOM of GOD.

  3. I bless God for the gift to interact with almost anyone, show love and concern, most of all to render hope and encouragement to them. I love to see people rise from a place of despair to a place of HOPE for a greater future. This demonstration of love, hope and encouragement is manifested in many forms for which I have the God given skill and ability to engage others who are like minded in serving others and find it rewarding to do the same.

  4. I always watch your show am fascinated how you handle things that’s thrown to you, I live in Birmingham in England, I am originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, I have a spine problem and am a single mom who’s struggling to find a suitable job to suit my condition, I would like to pursue a carrier in clinical competence and I would like your advice on that, I always feel for others who suffer with the condition and I do have a brother and a friend who has that problem and I see how it affects different aspects of their lives. Can you please help. I always pray that one day I could meet you in person, you inspire me so much.

  5. Hello Mr Harvey, it’s a pleasure writing to yo, I actually saw a young lady on one of your shows who had a stuttering problem and her fears in life and also how she found love that was fascinating to watch. It touched me so deeply and I would really like to pursue a carrier in clinical competence, what’s your take on that.

  6. Tasie from Nigeria..
    Harvey Not only have you turned my life around with your words but you have also made me a blessing to many.
    I listen to your talks on daily basis and my life keeps transforming everyday.
    I love Steve, your God sent to our generation.

    Thank you Harvey

  7. Thank you daddy, as Christ being my first mentor. You are second mentor on Earth

  8. Great mind , your vision and knowledge will remain to be used and Materialize In benefiting human forever.
    Long way to go Steve ,
    Respect to you Brother .
    Momodou A. Gaye

  9. I have been watching you for a short time now love it! I guess my question is I am not sure what my gift is. I am talented in a few things. I do art, and I seen to rescue animals especially horses and seen to be able to I help them and make them well again. My big dream is to open a horse rescue and safe as many as I can, I know I can save all but I can save a few.
    What would you suggest I do to find out my gift God gave to me?

  10. Mr Steve Harvey
    My name is Monica a 25 years old African ( zulu) girl from Marriannhill in Pinetown.I would really love to meet you face to face. In you I have seen a father figure a mentor and my motivator I’m inspired by your talk shows let alone the family feud show.
    Meeting Mr Harvey will be a dream come true.

  11. Dude, please hear me out. I had a million dollar idea in the early 90’s and I let it go because I was a teen. I’m a little older and slightly smarter these days. I want to help you and in return help myself. You host my favorite show on tv. Lol, kind of. I do like those 4 dudes on Impracticable Jokers, but I’ll give it a tie. You have better production. But they are almost as funny as you. Give me a chance and I won’t let you down. I don’t want a job, I just want to be heard. I have a job. It’s an okay job. I’m better than my job, but I like it and, I make the populous happy. That kind of matters. Not unlike you. But, do me a favor, and ask how I’d be a happier viewer? It wouldn’t take much. Appreciate your work and humor. You are good at what you do. You could be better. That’s tough to say. I’m not even sure, but it’s the little things. Feel free to pick my brain. I don’t want much more, just a little. I’ve loved your show since the 80’s and it’s never been better, so let’s keep going!

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