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Brain Drops: Expect

Your mission, your purpose and your destiny will all be tied to one thing: your gift.

Live your life with an expectation of great things to happen. They key is to not focus on the negative, don’t allow your mistakes to bury you.

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  1. Sharing with my children. Emanuel and Nola.

  2. God has blessed me with the GIFT of Gospel/Christian Songwriting; HE has given me over Fifty Songs: Traditional, Contemporary , Hip-Hop
    and Southern Gospel. HE has also given me. Current Event Songs like: “Crosses of Redemption of Columbine” MARCHING FOR OUR LIVES”-Stop Gun Violence “, WEDDING SONG”Coming Together As One” and “FAT And ALL THAT!”. Dorothy Taylor you tube or Dorothy Taylor Songwriter Google+ has 8 Music Video’s : ” AMERICA UNITED” Unity, Kids and Patriotic (3 Versions). ‘ARMAGEDDON” , “BEFORE I DIE” ;My personal request to GOD before my flesh pass away-This is WHO I AM!! I am sharing this information about my God Given GIFT is because it has been a 30 yrs. Journey. Over the years GOD has placed me in various Ministries to help people and for the passed Twenty-Five Years , We/My Husband and I have done that! Two of the Ministries We Foundered CTEC-IN AURORA , IL and HOUSE OF BLESSING in Preston , MS ; HENDERSON RIDGE CHURCH , PRESTON .MS 39354. GOD has brought Us / Me full circle and the Holy Spirit spoke and said it is TIME to Finish and put out the Song’s. I passed the HOUSE OF BLESSINGS over to another Ministry called HOPE MISSION’S. I have and are RELEASING the “ARMAGEDDON”CD and “AMERICA UNITED” CD and CD Baby is our DISTRIBUTION Co. The CD’S are in Various Local Stores and Ministries and 20% is going back into the KINGDOM of GOD! I have spoken to a couple of Radio Stations about AIR PLAY and so far they haven’t Played the Music; I Trust GOD and Believe that HE DIDN’T give me over Fifty Song’s in Gospel/ Christian Music to sit Dormant. I was watching. your T.V PROGRAM and your mention go to and tell your story and maybe you will have me on your Program. I must admit this is NOT my first time submitting for help to your Program; NOT Complaining because your have Millions of People contacting your for one thing or another. The difference with me is that I want to SHARE what GOD has Blessed me with and that has been my life! I want to be a Blessing to the KINGDOM ; Giving GOD ALL THE GLORY!!! I just need so help with AIR PLAY and. EXPOSURE: T.V and Radio. Songwriting is a GIFT from GOD and it is to touch HEART’S and Reach Souls for the KINGDOM of GOD.

  3. I bless God for the gift to interact with almost anyone, show love and concern, most of all to render hope and encouragement to them. I love to see people rise from a place of despair to a place of HOPE for a greater future. This demonstration of love, hope and encouragement is manifested in many forms for which I have the God given skill and ability to engage others who are like minded in serving others and find it rewarding to do the same.

  4. I always watch your show am fascinated how you handle things that’s thrown to you, I live in Birmingham in England, I am originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, I have a spine problem and am a single mom who’s struggling to find a suitable job to suit my condition, I would like to pursue a carrier in clinical competence and I would like your advice on that, I always feel for others who suffer with the condition and I do have a brother and a friend who has that problem and I see how it affects different aspects of their lives. Can you please help. I always pray that one day I could meet you in person, you inspire me so much.

  5. Hello Mr Harvey, it’s a pleasure writing to yo, I actually saw a young lady on one of your shows who had a stuttering problem and her fears in life and also how she found love that was fascinating to watch. It touched me so deeply and I would really like to pursue a carrier in clinical competence, what’s your take on that.

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