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Brain Drops: Mentor

The more people you help become successful the more successful you become.

People want to share and give you direction in your life, watch my top tips on how to find a mentor and what to do once you find one.

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  1. This is such a good tool to being successful, unfortunately I did not adopt this policy until I was an adult. My husband on the other hand has had mentors all his life and is doing well.

  2. I am a proud senior with an inventive mind. I JUMPED with Steve Harvey. Its been a hard journey and I have enjoyed every minute. I don’t make a move unless I pray first, think about what to do next, then do it. I do not have a mentor, but I I really need one. Yes, I am a senior citizen, but I never feel to old, and I never feel like I waited to late to accomplish my dream. I am on a mission. My invention is my Legacy.

  3. I would like to to be a mentor. Although I can’t be as successful as I would like to be with my son because I am not a man, perhaps I can help young women. I feel like I am failing all these males in my family. I would like to to know how to save them!

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