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Brain Drops: Like-Minded People

Do not ignore the passion that burns in you.

Here’s a success tip: You have got to surround yourself with like-minded people, that’s very important in your life. They are out there, you can find them.

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  1. I totally agree, my nephew’s been dancing since he was 6 a MJ impersonator WALT THE KING .. Hes affiliated with Art Of Culture (DONDA HOUSE) its his passion!! when he dances hes in his own world he wants the whole world to know!! his crowds are getting bigger I told him “baby steps” he won 1st place AUSTIN GOT TALENT W/ the 15th district in June 18′ , and he got a chance to perform at 2018 TIP YAS FEST at Millineum Park.. he was great!! hes gonna be famous… We can feel it and his URBAN PREP motto is WE BELIEVE!

    1. Amen..I agree ! I finally, realized they are the best people to have in your circle..Thank You🙂

  2. This is so True…I had to disconnect from negativity and negative people in order to stay on the Journey God intended for me….Thank you so much for this…In order to stay on the Positive track we have to surround ourselves with people like us.
    I have always looked for Women for inspirational views because they were the ones that gave me such encouragement, energy and as women I could connect…..You, Mr. Harvey….you are the first man that I look forward to hearing inspirational topics, views, you are so sincere and the emotional vibes you send have given me Strength and Power to move ahead with my daily situations, you have helped me in so many ways I can’t explain and to hear you talk about things you have gone through in life and how you conquered them…I know that I can do the same, I get so much Joy listening to Marjorie, your Daughters…So much Positivity and I Thank you from the bottom of my heart……

  3. Mr. Harvey, you are so right about this…like minded people do tend to gather together. It’s not that difficult. I have moved my stepson from place to place and he always finds the druggies to share his “like-minded” values. Now, I heard you say that our current president wants to bring back slavery. WHAT!!!!!!! Do you and all your surrounding “like-minded” friends think that? That’s absurd!!! No one except Isis and their “like-minded” counterparts would like to see slavery again. Goodbye Family Fued! You have lost me and all my “like-minded” friends as fans. I am soooo very disappointed. 🙁

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