How to Stay Motivated When Life Gets Hard

Change starts by taking action.

There’s a rainy season in everyone’s life, at some point. But how do we move past the clouds in our lives when we’re feeling dragged down?

Read over these tips that can keep you motivated when life gets hard, and move out of the gloomy state you’re in.

Appreciate the things you do have:

Whether it’s appreciating your clothes, family, or a roof over your head, recognizing the value of the things you do have—no matter how small they might seem at first glance—can give you a new perspective. The circumstance that is causing your struggle is often the thing that is driving you to maintain what’s really important. A difficult job provides food and clothing; a car payment takes you to meet friends who bring laughter, and so on. Once you start to see the negatives as positives, your motivation can turn what looks like a trial into an advantage.

Give yourself deadlines:

Running towards a goal can start to feel exhausting when you can’t see the finish line. So set a time limit or date on the thing you want to get accomplished. For example, figure out how to schedule a balanced budget to pay off a bill or set out a daily time to apply for jobs, etc. Cutting the time window of a long-term scheme into smaller pieces can help magnify your modest achievements and motivate you to meet your objectives.

Cut off toxic corners:

Sometimes you can uphold people or aspects of yourself that are harmful to your well-being. Ask yourself: are my friends or partner an encouragement or discouragement to me when I share my fears? If you find yourself surrounded by people who only share negative comments, it’s probably time to cut them out of your life. Find people who are patient, positive motivators in your life.

However, most of the time it’s not the people around you who are toxic: it’s your own habits that keep you down in the dumps. These habits can manifest themselves in the way you think (comparing yourself to others) or the way you live (impulsive with money or jumping into things). Changing the way you think and act might be the kick you need to motivate yourself to move past your hardships.

Life takes a close measurement of honesty and a sincere look within ourselves before we can find the motivation to move forward. Do that, and you’ll move past the rain into a clear sky.

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  1. I think you are great. You put a smile on my face every morning with your new show congratulations by the way. Your doing an awesome job. You are a very intelligent man and I love listening to you. Please dont ever stop what your doing.

  2. Hello Mr. Harvey my name is Miche Leo and I am 26 years old and l live in Miami,FL my Dream and passion is to Become an Actor. I opened up to my dad about it and his response was for me to drop it and Erase it out of my mind. It hurt my feelings when he said that because I was hoping he would of been supportive of my dreams. I shared with him my dreams three different times about my dreams and he said negative comments towards me those three times. So from this day on I am going to pursue my Acting dream Regardless of what he thinks and surround my self with positive people and remove my self from negative people including him. But do you have any advice of how I should move forward with pursuing my dream. I would really appreciate it.

  3. Thank you Harvey my name is Peter 26 live in Kenya ,you are so motivational i`ve been watching you in YouTube

  4. So inspiring!

  5. the toxic part of my life is the person that is patient and encouraging and the person that I can talk to and I’m in love with is the one that’s driving me nuts and has my emotions bouncing off the walls. But I like your relationship segments. Do a segment on that for me I’m quite sure a lot of other people feel the same way too.

  6. Hi Steve I enjoy watching your show your very inspiring and you make my day everyday thank you I’ve concoured a lot by living positive and 1 day at a time and believing in god is number 1 in my life he’s my motivator and the love of my life

  7. Thank you, so insipiring

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