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Brain Drops

Brain Drops: Making a Million

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  1. Thank U so much Steve. U just “PUSHED” me off…..
    (I was standing on the Cliff getting ready 2 JUMP)
    U gonna be “My Big Brother” when I make it happen.
    Whether U like it or Not (fam????)
    Tell Marjoree hi

  2. That’s an eye opener Steve. Thanks!

  3. Thank you, thank you for everything you do, Steve.

  4. Amazing

  5. Thank you Steve!

  6. Hardwork is the key !

  7. Your RIGHT Steve. I’m working on mine after falling becoming totally and permanently disabled at almost 61 years old. You won’t believe what it is. Professional drag racer. Living on ssd with nothing else I already have purchased my car and there extremely expensive. It’s a PRO MOD if your aware of what that is. I’ve worked hard on sponsorships and just got one to paint and letter the entire car which is also extremely expensive especially when It’s a Top Artist doing it. Now all I need is a parts sponsorship. Your totally right about one thing especially. The God Jesus Christ will Bless anyone that he knows personally and that honestly love him not some I’m perfect person because I’m surely not. I’m already a millionaire with my JOY and my Blessing. You know what I’m talking about for sure. Your and inspiration Steve and that is also a gift we both process. My story and my life has been and extremely painful one literally but just look at it’s worth. Thanks for allowing me to share BROTHER. You see Steve is my BROTHER just ask him he knows what I’m talking about. Good Luck everyone. You can do it.

  8. That’s a big eye opener thanks for letting me know that Steve never thought of it that way.

  9. Steve , you have such a remarkable story. I am so excited each day when I get home from work. I miss the first half but I come in put down my purse and turn on the tv. I love to see my people prosper even though I don’t have all those checks I’m blessed . Lol keep it going Steve you are the man and the look is good. Tell all the haters Debra from Arkansas said if you don’t like don’t look.

  10. Steve, I listen to your radio show every morning, I like listening to you because you keep it real, and it seemed like we are always on the same page. But please stop picking on nephew tommy, I know you love him, but other’s might not notice that. I just love the way you make those faces when the family’s on family feud is so stupid. You have haters because they wish that they are where you are, keep the faith with God and you will be ok. You worked too hard to get where you are. Have a blessed day, each and everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love to meet people, can i say that it’s my gift ?

  12. How do you find your true God given gift? I have always referred to myself as a Jackyline of all trades and Mistress of none… I like to make people laugh and feel better….

  13. This comment is to mark the day that I decided to make everything count I will be a force in the tech world !!!

  14. Hi Steve Thanks for your inspiration. Am much inspired watching your programs

  15. Thank you Steve , I found my Talent and I hope I see you when I start making Millions too. Arigato

  16. I appreciate this Steve. I ended up here on your site by a reference from another entrepreneur. It truly is a blessing. I prayed this morn right after I saw your motivation vid on how you came to be where you are today. Thanks Steve for the inspirational words.

  17. Hello Stephen Harvey. I am writing to you to express my gratitude for releasing this video – truly life changing. Don’t go changing. I am your biggest fan and with the queen dying, I decided to revisit this video and can’t help but wonder what your thoughts are on this. Please get back to me as soon as you possibly can. I will be revisiting this page nightly. Looking forward to your response. Yours truly, Rodrick Heffley.

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