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Steve Tries To Buy His Parents A House

When I first got money I tried to buy my parents a house, but they weren't having it.

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  1. Wow how awesome you wanted to buy your parent’s a house.

  2. That was so sweet of you….but our parents get set in their ways and there’s no way of getting them to change…This was really Cute!!!

  3. Dear Mr. Harvey,
    I am extremely disappointed that NBC cancelled your talk show and also you appearing on Little Big Shots. I will miss seeing you even though you will be on Family Feud. I love the relationship advice you give. You recently had a segment on your talk show called This is How You Do It. You should start another show about relationships with that title. I just believe in my heart that it would be successful. You and Margie have a beautiful family and I admire you all so very much! I also love the fact that you are not ashamed of taking about God and how you depend on Him for everything. I know God has more wonderful things in store for you because you and your wife have been such a bless to so many! I wish you the best!
    Rev. Pamela Stallings

  4. I have been trying to find out which hospital Steve was born in in Welch. I was born in Steven’s Clinic Hospital, in Welch. There was 2 other hospitals. Grace & Welch Emergency. I am just curious. Thank you

    1. Hi Darlene, we can try to find out for you. Thanks for the comment.

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