Carjackers Are Terrified of Finding Snakes In A Car And Steve Is Speechless

He can't believe that this answer is on the board!

Steve couldn’t believe contestant Chris got the answer right on this episode of Family Feud.

The question, … “Name something a carjacker would hate to find in your car.”

Chris’ response surprises everyone, “a snake.”

No one believed that a carjacker’s worst fear could be something so strange, especially Steve.

But snake, in fact, turned out to be on the board.

And like the rest of us, Steve couldn’t believe it.

So, forget spending that extra cash on a car alarm.

Get an undercover snake, instead:

It just so happens that this slithering reptile can send any car thief running away on foot.

Sorry Steve, it looks like the cat got your tongue on this one!

Or should we say… the snake?


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