Steve Is All Of Us When He Hopes This Answer Won’t Show Up On The Board

Men don't do what?

Tiffany left the audience of Family Feud screaming with laughter and Steve hoping that her answer didn’t show up on the board after he asked her to “…name something that most men don’t do as well as they think they do.”

And Tiffany responds with this:

Steve waited in anticipation.

Could it be true?

Were wives around the country having to train their husbands how to…

Oh no… We can see it now…

“No, Honey, not like that!”

“For the last time, that’s not what the toilet paper is for!”

“You’re not supposed to use your hands!”

But Steve and the rest of us wiped our brows with a sigh of relief…

Because Tiffany’s answer wasn’t on the board!

But, Gigi was next, and believe it or not her answer just made things even weirder.

She responds with, “have a baby,” as something most men don’t do as well as they think they do.

Um.. I think we’re throwing the card out for these two.

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