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If You Change Your Attitude It Will Change Your Altitude

If you're like me, you're constantly trying to improve yourself.

If you’re like me, you’re constantly trying to improve yourself. I have news for you. God loves you right where you are. You’re in a process right now, a process of becoming what God wants you to be.

Ever wonder why God wakes you up every day? It’s because he isn’t done with you yet! He has something else for you that you haven’t received. You have to start living your life with expectations. Here’s the secret to all of this, you have to start expecting great things to happen. This is the law of attraction, this is real. If you change your attitude it will change your altitude.

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  1. I think Steve Harvey is so real with himself how real can you be. When you not afraid of speaking who you really are. That’s Steve Harvey.

  2. Amen,You So right Am a work in Process as we speak!

  3. Simply put “AWESOME”

  4. God is Able to do the impossible, so there is nothing in this world he can’t do. God has a purpose for each and everyone, we just got to trust in him and never loose faith. Prayer works, but faith ublock the doors. Be blessed.

  5. Thank you, Steve for using the platform car God has bless you with to glorify Him. You are so right, we all are works in progress and will be that way until Jesus return. May God continue to bless you.

  6. Amen to that…

  7. I love your show❤❤

  8. Amen enjoyed the testimony

  9. Mr. Steve Harvey will you share all the winning tips you have on changing your attitude with me? I am willing.

    Jacqueline Anderson

  10. Thank you Steve for those awesome words of encouragement. I really appreciate your honesty and admire you for that. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you. I always love the way that you acknowledge Him and where he has brought you from. God bless you always.????❤????

  11. Faith can make things happen.

  12. Thank you so much Steve, I was laying in bed feeling down and sorry for myself , because of a failure, this link appeared in my inbox and now I know it WASN’T by accident! I NEEDED to hear this again thanks soooo much.

  13. That’s the words of wisdom ,inspiration. Because those words exact words have just inspired me. I waking up on a different level this morning. I’m not gonna say thank you Mr. Harvey, I’m gonna say thank you God for using Mr. Harvey to get through to me. Thank You

  14. Oh yes Steve I started today with God and you again. Steve you are right : ” We are what we think, change our attitudes make preparation to success not to fail. The quality of your choices determine the quality of your life. We have two options in life : Make excuses or make progress.

  15. Steve you are a great Inspiration. I feel challenged.. This Short Clip/ Video speaks too
    much like me. Im motivated it has made me
    Change my way of thinking today …

  16. God Bless you Steve Harvey, you are a messenger , (disciple) and I just want to thank you for having the faith and courage to share your God with others. Please continue to let God use you to share His love.

  17. I love this!!!

  18. This is so true thank for wisdom and knowledge????????v

  19. you have something to say and God is going to keep letting you say it because your blessing so many people keep the faith and don’t let anything stop you we love you Steve

  20. Hello Steve how are you? I love watching you on t.v.

  21. Yes yes. Thank you for always having an encouraging word!

  22. I Receive this message. I’m Jermaine Tucker From Memphis TN. I’ve been in 6 movies and believing God for more opportunities in this industry. Steve your 100 on this and I appreciate you my guy. I’m a poet/spoken word artist as well. I will become a famous /successful entertainer.

  23. Inspirational and motivating. I have stopped and taken notice as I continue to learn and understand the “why” behind my being. Why I am here. There is purpose to my being, magnificent purpose. And I am ready to live it. Guide me lord.

  24. Hi! Steve my name is Ikhenaton someday im gonna be on your ,with an american girl i have eyes on been emailing her for a while,im a millennial im oldschooler in dating thats why God has that mark on me that priceless one,i dont do the talking he does the talking for me but thats a point in my A list ,someothers im working out on my design career ,farming ,and music i have a dream of winning the dove awards someday sing with Israel Houghton ,Kari Jobe, Need to Breathe Elevation Worship & Hillsong and many more .

    Ikhenaton .

  25. This is crazy!!!! But a good crazy! I can’t believe it!!! You might not believe this but this is True! I was just dreaming about you! ????Seriously!!! In the dream you were hanging out somewhere in the South where i live, you were marketing these popsicles in some kinda candy for the kids. Well i met you n a little country store & I couldn’t believe it. We started talkin you told me wat you were doin there then i started following you around. You were gettin quite annoyed w/me. Then you started avoiding me because you thought i was gonna ask you for some money i guess you were thinkin i was tryna work up the nerve to ask you. So i found you hiding from me in another store up the street. It wasn’t money i wanted per say. Although I could use some having the worst luck right up in thru here, ???? & i did think about it, but instead i decided to ask you for, was a job. Then the money ???? . So anyway, i too had come up with ideas n inventions but could never get them kicked off because i could never get tbe money. Even tho it wasn’t alot i needed it just would never be there. I also wanted to work close with you because of your energy/spirit n everytime i would hit a rough patch you would come on tbe radio or the T.V or i would hear your voice on a show or if i missed the Morning Show someone would tell me about it. Then i started thinking is he (Steve) one of my angels? / You know spirit guides. Then i was awaken out of my sleep. Frm a notification on my email from YOU! ???? Shocked! With change your attitude changes your altitude! I was freaking out! It was confirming & affirming & reassuring me that i was on the right path. Who knows maybe I will be working for /with you some day i hope so. my odd jobs keep coming to a close after i’ve worked so hard.! But anyway, Ty for being you Steve, because only you can do what you do. This was taylor made just for you. And you do it so well! Thats why GOD chose you to reach the masses with such a positive approach n attitude. We need that kinda stuff ya know. Dont EVER! stop. You are changing the world Steve. ???? Thank You my friend n much love too you & yours,( family & friends) staff included . PS i can hardly wait to see what you have for me tomorrow. ????????????

  26. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I also would like to add that are thoughts of great things may not be Gods. He is most positively keeping you here for a purpose. Seek Hin for direction. Not assuming it will be about being famous, rich, or popular. Just accomplishing His purpose. Look at Jesus for an example. He completed Gods purpose. He did not become rich, popular, our famous at the time.

  27. Thank u Jesus for using Mr.Steve Harvey for being real and bold for u I try to be the Christan everybody talks about but it jus not working for me Lord I raise my hand so I can be who u call me to be

  28. Steve Harvey I respect you. Thanks for your inspiration. I could sure use a person with your influence to step in and help repair my broken family. I have a teenage son age 17. I’d love to talk to you about him some day soon. God willing.

  29. Thank you for that message Mr. Harvey.

  30. My children need to see this video because they think the world resolve around them and truly forgotten where they come from they attitude sucks they stay very negative even though they was raised into church they have involved themselves with the wrong crowd of people they really need a reality check I’ve done all I can to keep them encouraged I have given them to God they come to me instead of being intimate with the Lord I don’t know what else to do but let them go .

  31. Amen your right we do because we cursed ourselves not even knowing that we or what so ever you speak upon yourself is yourself

  32. thank you very much for

  33. Thank you for the motivation Steve, for the Inspiration. It was excellent. I’m expecting! I stepped out awhile ago and I won’t stop and I won’t look back. I’m determined. I appreciate you sharing your words of encouragement.

  34. thank you very much for reaching out to me I listen to your radio station 107.3 here in longview texas

  35. You were right
    I didn’t get the job cause
    I didn’t fill out the application one more time
    I submitted the resume
    The letter of interest (cover letter)
    Applied for the test
    Passed the test high
    But didn’t fill out the application one more time
    They cancelled the test
    Refund my money
    Changed the title
    Gave the job to the person they wanted
    Laughed in my face
    All because I was scared they didn’t want me
    No confidence in myself
    Lost out on all that money

  36. You are a Great Motivational Speaker

  37. Ty uncle Steve lol I needed that u motavite me a lot ty keep doing what ur doing brother

  38. Steve you say you’re not a preacher oh yes you are! God us s whom He please just because you’re not in a pulpit don’t mean you can’t speak Gods word keep letting Him use you,you’ve touched so many lives keep on keeping on????

  39. Thank you I needed this

  40. Thank you for those inspirational words . They are differently something to put in my journal .

  41. Please pray for me my attitude,my heart and my mind are all torn coming up my dad was very abusive to my mom and us my siblings and I so I’ve been very broken I have trust issues and I think it’s interfering with my relationships it’s just a lot I wish I could talk to a counselor I feel I need to talk to someone and release all of this lately I’ve been praying

  42. Man Steve. I needed that confirmation. You just confirmed what I going through. God is working on me every day. He has great plans for me. I am healing myself from the inside out. I was abused by my stepdad and married a man who abused me. I was in that relationship 25 years. God has big plans for me so I am meeting him half way. I am healing me so I can everything he wants me to be 100%. I Love and Respect you and your wife. May you continue to be all God wants you to be. He is not done with you

  43. Thank you Mr. Harvey. I think God for this message. I needed to hear this❤????????????????

  44. Steve Harvey, I love ❤️ watching you and listening to you a Day with out you is a like a day with out sunshine!, I look ???? forward every day to watching your shows Your such an AWSOME person you really help a lot of people, You are funny ???? you are so good and all of the encouragement you give to people… Steve Your the BEST! No one I’d rather watch more!! ❤️ ❤️❤️ Ruth Miller

  45. Mr. Harvey,

    I am Robin A Farris. I just want to thank you for the wonderful motivational words of inspirations that you are kind enough to leave us with every day. They are very helpful to me. I am so VERY grateful to you and your staff. I am sending my prayers on A daily basis for your entire staff and family. I have learned so much from your radio program. I really do enjoy your stand-up. You have proven that people can take of business and still have fun. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  46. Amen.
    And it’s hard to change your attitude. One still thinks in the back of there mind if they are worthy. You have to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy and that you can do it. God has me in a town I never thought I would live in. I know I am here for a reason. That reason just hasn’t appeared yet that I know of. But he wakes me up every morning to do what I am needed for. And I thank him for that.

    Take care Steve. I enjoy your show and I hope you keep doing these spots on the internet when the show stops. God Bless you and yours.

  47. Amen amen lord

  48. Hi Steve, I can’t help but love you. You are such an inspiration to me. I watched your show whenever I can ,whether it is the game show or any of your programs I always get inspiration from you.god is using you in away to bless others and in return you will be blessed even more,.god bless and keep you .your message just motivated me a little bit more today.so keep on doing what you are doing!!!!peace????????

  49. I agree a hundred percent with what Mr. Steve said. When de wake up each day expecting something good To happen To us de are saying To God and thé universel i’ m here and ready To review bigger and greater blessings that Will allow me to fulfill my life ‘s purpose and To bring changes To myself and To others.

  50. Thank you Steve you are a blessed man . I thank you for my trip to Cancun Mexico. I went for my 30th wedding anniversary. Steve I felt like I was living the baller life everything was great the hotel the food. You blessed me and my husband more than you will ever know. We stayed at the Marriott Resort it was beautiful.

  51. Beautiful
    That is love

  52. Steve,
    You always encourage me with your words of wisdom from God. I have always loved what you speak even back from your old days of comedy when you compare chuuuuuch and service. My area is filled with children that have no male role models. Our level of poverty hits young single females more than anyone else. My children at school know I love to watch some Steve Harvey. I would love if you could make some videos for young men/women to see. The whole town would love a visit from you, but we all know that’s near impossible on many levels. If you could share some videos (without cursing) that I could show to my students, it would leave a HUGE impact on these kids. Either way, we still love you, who you are, and what you are about. Keep being used by God.

  53. Thank you. Loved it. God is Good All the Time! Amen. ????????✌
    Luke 1:37

  54. Steve,
    I thank you for your motivation speech. I am going to take a look at myself. Some times I feel that I will never get ahead. I know who God is and I know he is taking care of me. I watched your shows and there is not one time you don’t say something to encourage someone and bless people. I want to be able to bless people like you do. God say you will be a Lender not a borrower.
    So continue doing the work of the Lord as I am.
    If you decide to give away any money, remember me in your giving.

  55. Mr Harvey,
    Thanks so much for that powerful message. It’s just what I needed to hear. I’m a licensed practical nurse of 25 years who recently returned back to school, working towards obtaining my Registered Nurse degree. For a minute, I felt like I had made the wrong choice of returning back to school because it seem like everything around me was crashing. I really wanted to throw the towel in and walk away until I ran across your message in my email. I know it’s not by chance that I happened upon this message. God ministered to me through you. It’s just what I needed to hear in order for my strength, my drive to be restored and for me to continue to press toward my dream knowing God is in it with me every step of the way. God bless you Mr Harvey. Continue to let your light shine

  56. Hello: Mr. Harvey That is so true your tongue can help you or hurt you. What you speak out in the universe will come back to you. Every morning when I wake I thank God for another day and clothes in my right mind, and the reason I say clothes in my right mind be I use to suffer from depression, it was my faith in God to bring me out. I felt so dark but I would say” thank you Jesus for my Joy, smile, and my happiness even when I felt my lowest. So speak positive over yourself and guess what won’t He do it. Thank you Steve Harvey for your wonderful spirit.

  57. Thank you Sir and God bless you.

  58. I woke up heavy, confused, marriage not working. but this message blessed me.

  59. I just love you man…may good God bless and keep you and family..

  60. Thank you my brother Steve Harvey your words of encouragement are on point,God said in his word if our faith in him is big as a mustard seed well that’s all that matters.. may you be blessed as you continue to be a blessing to others.

  61. Steve I was doing so well for yrs. But iv come to a stand still. I’m stuck. The only thing I can figure is iv reached the goals and have not set new ones, frankly my desires have gone blank. I feel like I’m just waiting at this point. For what I do not know. And I’m kind of scared. Friend in Cleveland, Susan Swalius. Need to get fired up again, but for what. Sure could use some direction.

  62. Thanks u for the word of wisdom.

  63. The was a great motivation speech.znd everyone that heard this today that is going through emotionally.and feeling beat down will I k ow.someo e was helped today including.me…

  64. I was very pleased to hear the message from Steve Harvey. It was very motivational. I hope others that hear it will receive it with gladness.

  65. Steve I know this does not have any thing to do with your speaking, but I needed to let you know how I will miss your talk show. I love the talk show I have learned so much from it . May God bless you and your family.

  66. Powerful! Thank you

  67. Hello Mr. Steve Harvey know that was a very Awesome encourging message you gave about attitude, it is God honest truth you can always change your attitude from Negative to Positive God is so Good all the time you is a Vessage use by God Almighty you always helping people from your big Heart you and your Lovely wife are Beautiful people and Family too Lovely Family you have and Staff too so just keep the Faith and let a god Almighty keep using you always, Until then be Encourage keep the z Faith God Bless Always in Christ Jesus,

    Peace in Christ
    Barbara Ann Sauls

  68. God is truly using you Steve Harvey. You are where he wants you to be the Platform he has given you. Keep on You Keep on letting him use you . You will help more people than you know. My God Continue to bless you so you can be a blessing to others. I truly thank you an would love to just Shake your hand one day.

  69. Praise the Lord for what Mr. Steve Harvey, a man who I am so proud of you. First because of his will to be ” transparent” about what he has gone through and now where he is today. He has acknowledged who got him to where he is today. Wisdom comes first my acknowledging “The Lord.”

  70. Steve is right I had to learn this on my own and by listening to Steve Harvey’s radio show every morning at 6 am, when he starts off with positive scriptures. Thank you Mr. Steve Harvey

  71. Steve Harvey I don’t know why I’m replying to u knowing that u will never respond to me! I am going through sooooo much & I’m at my wit end!! I’ve lost 5 siblings & my dad, my mom is in a nursing hm in Fla, I go every other month & spend a week with her, I was going every month for a yr but it started to get a lil tough on me physically & financially but I keep going, NOTHING BUT GOD, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  72. Hey my name is mikelae in I was trying to see if you can bring my mom on your Show because she do everything for everyone And I feel like no one shows her a nuff appreciation Thank you hope I hear from you soon

  73. Hi Steve I Would Really Love To Meet You One Day I Watch You On Tv All The Time. You Have Changed My Life Me & My Family Used To Listening To “Steve Harvey In The Morning “ Your So Funny I Love Your Sprite .I Watch You Tell Your Life Story & I Get Emotional Because My Life Has Been Hard & I Always Wanted Aton Tell My Story To You. If I Ever Met You It Would Be A Big Blessing????????????.

  74. Real Talk

  75. Amen and Amen lovey.. God bless you

  76. Thank you….. I be been really close to giving up. I don’t want to wake up anymore. I’m so tired of life. Tired of not trusting it’s a hard place to be.

  77. God Bless

  78. Mr Harvey you are ???? the best. God bless you.my husband and myself love you so much.your show is the best.

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