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Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi | Dating Rockstar

Finding love is one of the most important things you'll ever do.

We’re back with Dating Tips with Bela Gandhi founder of Smart Dating Academy. Bela talks about optimism and resetting your mindset to become a Dating Rockstar! Finding love is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. It requires the 3 P’s: Patience, Positivity, and Perseverance. Watch more Dating Tips with Bela Gandhi on SteveHarvey.com.

Let me know what you think. Better yet, drop your dating and relationship questions for Bela in the comments.

Bela Gandhi is a dating and relationship expert, founder of Smart Dating Academy and a weekly media correspondent. She is the dating expert on the Steve Harvey Show, Relationship Insider for Match.com, a regular contributor to the TODAY Show and Good Morning America, and appears frequently on ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, and more. To learn more about Bela and how to get your dating on, visit SmartDatingAcademy.com.

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  1. Hi.I need that Steve Harvey find me a man

  2. Another person out there making money off a desperate, lonely, and insecure people. ???? There’s a lot more to life than finding “the one.” If people would put half their energy into working on themselves, their issues, becoming better, we would see a lot less divorce and a lot more happy people. Someone whose whole purpose in life is “I’m going to find love, or the one.” Sure,you will. But when that person shows their human and disappoints, suddenly the fantasy collapse. No person can fill another person. No person can be the happiness of someone else. If you aren’t happy now, they are not going to make you happy. If you aren’t fulfilled, they aren’t going to make you feel fulfilled. If you don’t feel beautiful or know your own value, no man or woman can make you feel it. Romantic love is great…but it is a very small part of what makes life worth living.

  3. How can you get someone who is not interested in you?

  4. Hello, I am a 71 young widow. My husband passed away in August 2017 and now I feel like I want to date again. I love my husband and I know that he is out of pain and with Our Lord and happy. Now I want to be happy. How do you suggest I meet another male companion? I have tried a dating site but all the men around my age are sex crazy and want to know if I’m still active? I don’t know how to handle this! I am but I don’t think we need to get into that subject so soon. I am very lonesome. Thank you.

  5. Wow !! I think you are brave and a go getter ! And most all,, know your worth,,, Men are sex crazy to soon, no matter the age… Good luck !

  6. I have a question: what about if one is happy being single? I got divorced 22 years ago and I haven’t dated in 19 years.
    My life is very busy – I direct a nursing program, work in the ER and I’m studying for my doctorate degree. When I think about the possibility of a partner, I just feel exhausted! Having to deal with his moods, cater to him, wash his clothes, pick up after him, have sex with him etc etc… So I choose to stay single, because that way I only have to clean my own mess… Is that so wrong? Thanks,

  7. 70 year old widow I thank its going to be very hard and risky situation. I thank online, dating, well let it go not safe. I think you should try the grocery store or supermarket, volunteer work, old friend you haven’t seen in awhile he might be a widow too. I mean your options are weight-less, what I’m trying to say is step out of your box. stay away from online dating(good luck)

  8. My name is Jojo, 44 yrs old single need to date in my age group or a little older. I know you you work alongside Steve you guys can help to find a date. Am living in the beautiful sun island of Jamaica.

  9. Don’t jump too quickly. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed!! Anytime someone is rushing you to make a decision be assured they’re up to no good! You don’t know what diseases those old farts may be carrying.
    A lot of women also tend to become emotionally attached once they have sex with a man.

  10. My name is Tricia I have been a widow for nine years Haven’t dated just been busy working. So now I have been trying for six years now I’m just running into a lot of red flags. I’m ready to give up it’s a lot of work.

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