Couples Economy | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

If you’re a couple, you need a minimum of 4 bank accounts, and here’s why…

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  1. Hi,Mr. Harvey, I’m not real good with this texing stuff. I just wanted to know how do u feel about another black man that got killed what to Day’s ago not to far from Mr. Floyd’s death another cop has done it again but they say it was and accident it’s always that that say it’s gonna effect the trial it seems like over and over again it’s OK to shoot our color race or any race for that matter .the hatetred the ignorance that we as black African Americans we have to keep going I think they hate us because they r scared of us we have to keep going on to be better and stronger we will always survive we r stonng,!f….kem u don’t have to bring up what I said I’m sure u probably have better one,s well at least we got that asshole out of there. I love ur work. Tee.

  2. Yes I’ve been doing that for a long time .. you see when me and my husband was younger .. He had left me and our 3 kids .. with nothing and didn’t give me a penny … I had no credit cards , no savings , nothing in my name .
    We were separated for 2 1/2 years .. I gotten into a bad accident , rolled my car 4 times . Had a bad concussion that was it .. Amen .. we got back together , and the only way we would get back, it went by my rules .. I want the house in my name , cats in my name , joint bank account, and I had 2 other bank accounts that were mine … and the reason I told him … Is you left me once without giving me anything or paying for anything.. You won’t do that twice .. You see you left me broken hearted, broke , and I thought I couldn’t live without you …I thank God because now I am a strong woman that can live without you , independent, self employed , a woman that loves herself as much as she loves her kids .. and I told him thank you … Because you made me this way …

  3. Hi mister Steve Harvey you and your wife reminds me so much love watching your game shows and I love that movie you playing the Johnson Family Vacation that’s one of my favorite movies.

  4. What book did you get the financial advise about having the 4 accounts?

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