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The #1 blessing blocker is a lack of gratitude. A lot of people want to be rich but they don’t want to go through the process of getting there. You have to be grateful for making $50,000, $75,000… a lot of people are mad because they aren’t a millionaire. If you stay mad you’ll never get there. Why? Because there is a principle of success that requires gratitude. The more you’re grateful for the more God will give you. Learn this principle and watch how your life will change.

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  1. Thank you, Steve, for opening my eyes my ears and my mind!

  2. Thank you Steve opening my eyes again. His message makes you think. God didn’t Bless Steve because he is an actor, comedian, game-show host, or a talk show host. He has Blessed him and rewarded him for his gratitude, for God Himself, for his accomplishments, for his truthfulness and love that he has for God, his family, his everything. And that is exactly what I should be doing every day of my life, for my Son, Granddaughters, daughter-in-law , nieces, nephews, friends, my Dad, my brothers, sister, ALL MY FAMILY. I’m a very lucky and Blessed woman of God. I need to start acknowledging every bit of this, my home, Health, even though it’s not as healthy as I’d like for it to be. It could be worse, but if I pray and be thankful, for what I have now, what I am now as a 59 yr old woman. It could all start to get better, stronger, Etc. I just can’t say this is how it is so just deal with it. No, I can do more, I can wake up and smell the earth, see the light., hear people talking, and know that I am truly Blessed and Loved by all and I love all that I am, and what I have now. Thank you Steve for your inspiration, and I Thank You God for not giving up on me and truly Blessing my life. And for all that I have now.! I just need to appreciate it more and be careful in how I use it and take care of it better than I have. Thank you for that golden opportunity again. God Bless and God I love YOU and everything and everyone in it.

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