All You Need for Valentine’s Day…

I said, all you need for Valentine’s Day…

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  1. Hello Steve, how are you? I need your help. My husband need help in the Romance department. Valentine’s day, he came in with nothing! He got me a bear Monday. Remember I said, Monday. Not Valentine’s day. I didn’t get ????, candy, ????,perfumes, or balloons! Nothing! My husband made me felt some type of way. My feeling was hurt. I had been through alot of emotional stress were I had to go to the ER. For Stress and High blood pressure. I thought well at less he would shower me because of ALL the drama, and stress I endured. Steve NO! He was negative and heartless. It will take me awhile to explain it ALL. But I’m given you the short version. My heart is hurting. I feel like he just didn’t care enough. Steve we really need help. Can you help PLEASE!!!!.

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