Don’t forget to chase your dreams

Don’t forget to chase your dreams

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  1. Steve my name is Tabitha Williams and I love you. You are a very talented person and I love your great personality. You are a nice dresser. Have a wonderful blessed night.

  2. Steve you keep me smiling and laughing. I watch you on your television show Family Feud every day. I like the way you talk the contestants that comes on the show.

    I must confess I haven’t dreamed lately but each time I listen to your motivation my thought process becomes recharged. See you on the motivation trail. 👍🏽

  4. Thank you Mr. Harvey. Thank you. God bless you and your family.

  5. I’m 45 and I still refuse to give up on my dreams! My Gifts WILL make room for me!! You Motivate many Steve!!!! Thanks! I needed this one!!

  6. Good job. Thank you Steve. I would like to be on your TV Show to speak about my challenging dream. How can I do that? Thank you. Annie

  7. I am 63 years old and I am about to start my company with my best friend. This company will help thousands of people and help change the medical industry.

  8. Hello Steve, My Name is Nykia Taylor, and I Listen to you Daily. and lately i have not be excited and loss of my Devine Purpose and I’m on urge to be homelessness. Is hard. and I’m lost on directions and steps to take in life right now I always been positive and my eye view. Was to always stay connected with my ancestors and now I’m deaf with so much going on the energies I’m feeling is draining and i need to be uplifted. please help. By the way I’m glad the universe chosen you be the Leader that you are. I know one day I will be Nationwide Known Because of my destiny and challenges I’m facing is lining me up for something Greater i can’t see it right now nor do i understand but with the help of you or someone I hope to get the message and the help to discover My greatest. thank you for reading this wishing to hear back soon.

  9. Steve Harvey has helped me through some rough times. His story has given me hope in the last year as I continue to conquer what’s held me down. He has helped me find my motivation to want to be the best version of me. Thank you Steve , your words have kept me out of a dark place. God bless

  10. Much love & respect my brother!

  11. Good evening my love how is your day going? I am relaxing and watching my favorite show on television and you know that it’s Family Fued. I really like to see you laugh and talk with the contestants on your show. Today has been a nice and peaceful day for me. I have been reflecting on the grace of God. Enjoy your night and make sure that you are getting plenty of rest and relaxation. Keep Jesus as the head of your life.

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