It’s never too late…

It’s never too late…

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  1. Thanks for the reminder uncle Steve!
    I’ll be 59 yrs awesome September 18th it’s now or never but I’m choosing NOW! See you at the top!

  2. I am 68 years old. I have always had the dream of writing and directing movies. I married young and had to work and raise a family. I have always made up stories but just prior to Covid a co-writer and I finished a screenplay and during Covid we along with another friend finished a second one. Covid closed doors and now that things are better I need a foot in a door. I am currently working on an idea for a TV series. I write every day and I pray every day.

  3. Steve Harvey I thank you for the motivation! It’s never too late, God will always make room for your purpose!

  4. Thank you Steve Harvey, I am 45 years old and I have finally found the right person and friends to spend time with and be happy to do so we can get things d.

  5. Thank you, Steve, for the motivation.

  6. Hello Steve thank you. Thank you I have a lot of hater too but I will not give them the power any more and they can’t stop what God have for me in my church they call me lazarus because God bring me back to life..I am 57 in Dec and I would love to sing on you show am old school gospel reggae. I write my self. And sing. All you have to do is just invite me to you show on God will do the rest
    God bless

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