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Expose Yourself To Better Things

You have to expose yourself to better things if you ever hope to achieve them.

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  1. I’m a flight attendant and you speak the truth. Even when my company fly us to different airports just to move planes or replace a crew we are given coach seats and I do find it hard to walk passed first class. I normally work lead so, first class is my area. I exposed my children early to first class and first class experiences in life. I am very happy I did so. Now they do so for their children.

  2. So true and i expose my children to both worlds.

  3. Great dialogue. Nice way to put key points. You never really think about how what you say determines the outcome. Think highly, speak highly and expose yourself highly.. you will change your LIFE! THANK YOU MR. HARVEY.

  4. Hi Steve. I am a Nigerian. An attorney. Have always followed you from the Kings of Comedy, You we’re outstanding in Drumline. You are an enigma. You are and inspiration to me even at age 58, telling me it’s not over yet. Thanks for the motivation talks. Love the Exposure video. I will take the cue. God bless.

  5. Amen lights . Yes do outside the box perhaps do a rectangler box instead of a square box

  6. Yes steve yes steve

  7. This helped to motivate my friends as they did believe they cnt afford boat cruise saying that its For Rich people only. Even though they can afford one a year by in their minds they just wanted to stay avarage.

  8. OMG this is inspirational.Im gonna work harder to get there.God be my helper

  9. I 100% agree. I’ve always been the type to say I’ll never spend money on certain things. I am a single parent of 3 and it’s really really hard for me to spend money on myself. I always feel like I’m a bad parent if I spend on myself vs them. A few days ago my son said mom if you dressed like her you’ll feel better, don’t worry about us. At the time it only made me wanna give him more and his 15. So I do get exactly what your saying. I guess now I have to expose myself to some of the finer things in life. The crazy part is my son has a very expensive taste on life, and I always tell him, boy I wouldn’t spend my money on this and that. That’s something I will stop telling him from now on. Thanks Mr. Steve Harvey for the enlightment. Happy Hoildays.

  10. Next flight, FIRST CLASS !!

  11. Thanks for that motivation Mr. Harvey it was very well needed. If we can get that type of motivation out to the world every day it will start developing people mental health and allow them to see life in a different way. So keep it coming! Again thanks for that inspired word and May God continue to Bless You & your family!!

  12. I getting ready to go to Australia and New Zealand for the first time in my life I am enjoying life because Allah(God) gave the opportunity to life my best life.
    I’m going in a group of ladies that I work with and a godmother. I retired at the age of 57 and looking forward to traveling for next several years. Yes I just retired on October 31,2017 and my first trip was to China and enjoyed it. I couldn’t get my husband to gowith me but that’s alright (getting a divorce). I have a new attitude on life, I have only one and with God I am going to life it to the fullest. Flying Delta Comfort ( I didn’t book the trip but I know I’m not in the back.

  13. Message received Steve!! Life is too short not to live your life to the fullest!!!

  14. Yyeesss Steve, I do thank u for ur motivation for all. When I was in the work force I would listen to u EVERY SINGLE MORNING. It allowed me to get my morning going, (AFTER the fact I ????????????????To my FATHER IN HEAVEN of course). But unfortunately my health forced me to apply for disability, I THANK GOD FOR HIS GRACE/MERCY, I can do more than others. In saying all that I AM STILL GRATEFUL.

  15. Im going to Vegas next month and I’m going to upgrade to first class for me and my hubby Steve. Thank you JESUS and I love you and your family.

  16. Thank you Steve this is very inspirational.

  17. Thank you, we do limit our success by not allowing ourselves to think “Big”, and afraid to take chances, speaking from experience.

  18. Steve.
    So true you get what you pay for.

    To inspire and educate today’s youth.
    Only if encouraging word’s.
    Used such as.
    Everything’s free no strings attached.
    No need to read the fine print.
    Please proceed forward and click.

    Nothing in this world is free.
    Not even death.
    To get the Roll’s Royce funeral.
    First you must be the owner of a Roll’s Royce.

  19. Thinking outside the box, opens your
    mind to other things that you may not
    have imagined for yourself.

  20. Mr Harvey you movie has done just that, I went through a horrible time in my life in 2014 I went through a divorce and lost my home, and you movie Think Like A Man I recorded it and watched it over and over, help me to , started writing and Now today on 11/14/2018 my book Think Like A Woman is hot off the press, you are so right you much take a jump and even a leap into you place of purpose. I have seen so of your videos on motivation, it let me know that there is always something greater you just need to step into to it. You said something so profound in one of your videos, you said a can change and he will change, if he want the woman who makes him feel that he wants to change, in other words I was well worth it for him to make the changes he needed. So keep allowing God to use you to impact this nation!

  21. I totally agree. My husband and I have 6 children all grown now. We spent time and money exposing them to concerts, plays, ballet, opera, jazz, musicals which they now expose their children too. Some even fly first class.

  22. REGULATE! The Man and Woman! Good morning! Steve, thank you for everything that you are doing all across America in our communities. It is written! You are in here!

  23. Unsubscribe my email from this bull-shit!

    1. We have unsubscribed you from our email interest list.

  24. Hi , Mr Harvey, i’ve never flown first class but I know that your words are true , because you are a good person filled with God’s Wisdom.

  25. I Steve am always touch by all your advice whether it’s on your talk show or movies am always inspired

  26. Thank you so much , I never thought it made the difference between first class flying and I always say as long as take me to where I need to be why do I have pay more, but now I know . Thank you Mr. Harvey , I love your show . when I’m feeling down or stressed I always watch your show to make me feel better .

  27. Absolutely amazing.
    I am inspired. I had given up on my childhood dream to build a maternity hospital to prevent maternal death in Africa. When I listened to your talk. I erased up and I am continuing with the constitution again.
    Thank you for your motivation speech.

    1. I’m touched that there are people out there dreaming of giving others a much needed lifeline, while the vast majority are dreaming of getting the bigger house or bigger car.
      I’m touched, dear.
      The Lord remember your dream and make it come to pass.
      Lives will surely be saved.
      Many. Very many. Back here, the mortality rates are alarming.

      Shalom and God bless you much.

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