Relationship Loopholes

A woman went viral for making a list of rules for her boyfriend. Leave it up to me to find the loopholes.

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  1. Hello Steve harve I appreciated it your show about relationship loopholes

  2. On Tuesday, November 13 you had a young lady in the audience wanting to elope. My suggestion is if she has a godfather in her life, he may be a good choice to walk her down the aisle.
    I love your show. I watch it every day and if I missed it at 3 PM EST, I tried to catch it again at 3 AM EST. I live near Baltimore, Maryland.

  3. Leave it to a man to find “loopholes”!????????????

  4. Steve your something else !! Love man you make me laugh all the time ❤️

  5. Omg, hilarious!!!????

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