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The way to find purpose is you must identify what it is that you have to be purposeful in. Identify your gift.

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  1. I’m having trouble in my relationship

  2. Wonderful

  3. Steve i have had a dream for sometime now of starting my own business in restaurant nothing fancy just a lil county grill I also love to cook but I have no help or support I drop out of school at the age of 18 cause my grandparents health and my goal was a cook im not a top chef but I do some down home cooking can you help me with my goal Thanks

  4. I have really been trying to find my purpose but I can’t grasp it yet it’s there I no cause I feel it but I can’t get it i watch everything you put up and I really listen cause i need help badly fiancé is really stepping out on me but I’m so lost all I have is your motivation and god I really hope in some way this finds you and just maybe you can help me god bless

  5. Steve for some time now I’ve wanted to be a comedian how do I go about starting I feel like I’m to old now but I love to make people laugh please give me some suggestions thank you

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