First he dumped me. Then he…

Family Feud

It’s bad if your lover dumps you… It’s worse if they do WHAT right after they dump you???

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  1. Why does Steve fat shame men? Just watched 2014 episode of family feud and he actually asked Cryano Brooks how much he weighs on National tv. Even called him big guy. I’ve seen this so many times from Steve but asking the man how much he weighs sickened me! Men have feelings too and it’s very hurtful. If it was so easy to lose weight there wouldn’t be any overweight people in this world. I love Steve Harvey but that was the final straw. I was born overweight 9.6 lbs., and my nanny told me my mom used to feed me breakfasts (2yrs old) the size for an adult. The only vegetables at the dinner table were corn, potatoes or green beans. At age 18 I started trying vegetables & there re so many I like now. I’ve tried every diet in the world only to gain the weight back. I was made fun of in school and fat shamed by doctors. Always told “you look so pretty in the face”. I despise that phrase! Please Steve stop the fat shaming! Thank you.

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