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One decision cost me everything I had at one time in my life. I lost everything, my family, friends, became homeless, lived in my car for 3 years. BUT I had a vision and I pursued it. The first time that I walked into Hilarities Comedy Club at 27 years old and won amateur night, I knew this was the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. You have to take chances in life, if you don’t take chances in life you’ll never have the life God has for you.

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  1. I had just finished writing this and I listen to this magnificent speech from Mr. Harvey and I found it, I found my statement, “you need to learn to be uncomfortable to be comfortable” There are few men in life I admire and this man is one of them …. thank you SH
    Don’t know if Steve Harvey will get this letter but I just want to ask him for one word of inspiration and to continue to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just one word can help me
    continue having faith and to continue with my dreams and life. One word will make me understand that if I give one step forward and God pushes me back 100 its for a reason and I need to understand it instead of fighting it. One word that can show me that I can continue with this stressful situation and that God loves me and will continue to love me in good and in bad stages of my life. My daughter needs her mother and I need my daughter to continue with this journey I look at her and I try to get strength not to give up but it is hard. I know that people have it worst and that I should be thankful for yet the blessing God does send me, but I want to understands the” why’s” and the understand that I am worth it and that I can over come these battles.

    I don’t want to loose hope and I want to continues believing that God loves me, but I need to hear just someone that can just let me know or just push my faith with just one word. One word that can change my thoughts and feelings right now and with one word encourage me to continue fighting, but I am tired of fighting. Is it bad that I see people smile and happy and I only get upset? Or I ask why cant that be me. I see people well off with jobs and opportunities and I say “why is that not me?” I know it sounds selfish but I want to know what is stopping me from seeing a happy person? One word just one that can help me with this weight, just one.

    I look at Steve Harvey’s Facebook clips and I smile, laugh and cry and I see the light on people’s eyes once he starts to speak to them. I see the trust and the security they have once he is done speaking, I want to hear just one word that motivates me to leave knowing that things will be back to normal soon and I will be that happy and successful person reflecting from my eyes. I just need to hear one…….one word only !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Thought of the day: I can’t speak for everybody but 2020 will definitely be a life changing year for me personally if I ever asked you for a helping hand or basically anything it’s simply because I actually needed it know the difference (purpose) I promise you I will repay who ever 10x as much not just particularly money or whatever else the case may be but with life lessons on how people treat you or should I say go about things without a meaning in such a way im hear to say don’t fold and also believe the “HYPE” God work miracles it gets greater later but that’s something you have to believe deep down inside I’m willing to guide whoever to a successful path but first look yourself in mirror & ask yourself. Are you willing to go through the headaches & confusion? or you just talking because it sounds good trust me it’s not a easy process to the TOP but I can guarantee you one thing once you finish going through it then come holla at me & let me know when you done living a basic lifestyle I could possibly give you something more greater then you expect ‼️… #Rule1 Put yourself first#2 Be yourself/Believe within & last but not least#3 Begreat/Godfirstalways!????????#Imspireothers????

    God really broke me down to build me back up… If I ever I get a chance to be on a the Steve Harvey show just to share my story with the world so I can just let young adults know whatever you’ll facing God is just preparing you for something greater.. Example: I recently moved to Orlando FL to move away from home where I were born Defuniak Fl simply because it’s nothing but drama & family issue but me on the other hand everybody always said it was something special about me I didn’t believe until last God really spoke to my heart telling me your purpose is to change lives forever your story will give somebody that never had hope into a masterpiece I’m a college grad by the way another example I was shot 3 weeks before my college graduation innocent bystander at a night club hanging with my homeboys not to mention I was a big time football always had a name for myself & what not long story short God gave me the strength to go back to school A WEEK LATER knowing I was still sore & barely could walk from the gun wounds two weeks later I graduated with my BA in sports management can’t nobody tell me God isn’t Good… I wasted all my over the years trying to please everyone before looking out for me I even had money saved up to buy me a fancy car guess what I did I gave back knowing I should take care of me first… so now I’m finally coming to the conclusion I have whatever it takes to be whatever either it’s football or not I’m just at the point wherever God place I will be content it’s not my decision it’s where ever he place me… ever since I moved to Orlando FL it’s been crazy God really put me through so much walking to walk 10miles away Mr.harvey & asking people for money to pay my rent it’s only so much a person can do but I know God has something special for me & I believe that deep down inside. Please man give me 5 mins I feel like I can real deal change the world as in young people doing things out the norm, why God put us through a Test not knowing the storm almost over & Never give up!

  3. I am reading the book of Revelation and I am concerned for you because you said that one didn’t have to believe in Jesus you said it’s not like you have to believe in Jesus or it’s not like Jesus is the only way something like that I really care about you so I felt like I should warn you if you read the book of Revelation you’ll understand why I’m saying this

  4. I have dated this guy maybe 30 yrs ago, I’m divorced and so is he. But he got my number from an older lady that’s friends with my 98 year old mother. And he has been calling my number so I answer. He’s telling me he’s divorced and he dont was to live along and wants to get to now me better…but in the past my 20 he broke my heart. Now I’m hesitant. He asked me to give him to the end of the month cause I have told him No. FYI…just for advice

  5. Always get challenged listening to Mr Harvey motivational thoughts. Right now,I lost hope and almost give up,but thank God he just spoke to me.

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