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I really don’t talk about this…

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  1. It’s all about timing. You were not ready then but you’re doing alright now. God had other plans.

  2. Well brother Steve don’t look back! You doing great things! I wish you were doing Big Shots again! You are great at everything! We all know! God keeps blessing you! Let it go…

  3. Thank You Steve for sharing and Motivating people! Your teaching shows how people will take advantage of an idea or Business model if you not informed as you stated. We all have given ideas and others use it for their advancement. Its a lesson learned as you remind us. Thank you for taking the time to train and teach how to move forward. Blacks have or minorities have always made others rich!. It helps us in an indirect way hoping it benefit society and community. In other words ..trickle down to the little or poor person.
    Companies have and still do benefit from employee suggestions and give a mug or certificate for best ideas. They make millions. I know because i have many mugs etc lol. (Banking, Insurance and Gov.) I know its True what you say…I watch from the beginning and proud of you! So you know now I’m a Boomer and understand.
    PS: I love Your Little Lori business sense….You & Marjorie taught them well. Praying for her in lime light as a young person…Great Dad!

  4. Mr.Harvey, always, always gives great advice and wisdom.

  5. Mr.Harvey , he’s quite the speaker,people should continue to listen to his invaluable advice

  6. Hi Steve…..just to mention and emphasize the importance of the coming November election on the need to make The. Steve Harvey Nation aware 2 voting issues: ‘Secretary of State’.. there are 14 Republicans and 13 Democrats. The Republicans want to eliminate the ‘mail-in ballot’ and return to the ‘one day,’ polling vote. We have to regard our vote as life itself. Voters ove 50 years old have increased from 50% to 60%…. Our young people have to get involved and take charge. Thank you.

  7. Where’s YOUR CUT, In Retrispect!!!


  8. Hey Steve! Man you bein in entertainment for all your life i have a question. By day I’ma truck driver but since I been 15 I’ve played guitar and written some of my own songs. The last 5-6 years I played locally here in Dayton Ohio. Just little acoustic shows and what not a couple bands. I’ve always had the worst stage freight and I’ve played quite a bit but I can’t get past it and it makes me start out horribly mess up my own songs even can’t remember some words to start. I’m more looking at ways to get passed this as I’ve tried everything but can’t overcome it….

  9. Well here’s all in Mr Harvey the first of all God bless you sir you are a very humbled man as I am a little bit about my story I am a single dad I had to put my kids in a temporary shelter move out of state so that I can work and get housing for my sons 10 years it’s been a struggle but without God by our sides without God in our hearts knowing that he’s going to have our back no matter what no matter how hard we fall he’s going to always pick us up and move it on I do have three awesome boys in my life I’ve been raising for the last 10 years solely by myself and due to I felt correct circumstances to protect my sons and myself due to a very violent landlord I left for our safety I come up to where I am at currently a friend says I’ll come up here you can get on your feet and wind up that she and her husband are not Bible believers and practice some bad rituals in my opinion and they got upset because I did not want to practice with them and they asked me to leave so I’m in the state that I did not know anybody they took my seizure medication I went into the hospital I came out not knowing a soul and I met this beautiful beautiful older woman that just needed someone just to be there and a very strong friendship with her and I and I’ve been helping her so much and she’s been helping me so much and she’s struggling a lot but just like myself her and I do not know anybody out here but we do have one person in common and that’s the good Lord above since 1997 when I first seen you on TV when I came home from football practice in high school that day and forward Mr Harvey you have been and will always be my mentor here on Earth has a man as a dad and maybe hopefully at a different time another husband with that being said all the stories that I have come truly deeply from my heart and when I tell them I have everybody filled with laughter on the floor including disabled veterans all walks of life we got to keep striving hopefully this gets to you keep going strong sir minor setback major comeback that’s what I tell my son’s every day to you your family and your friends have a blessed and wonderful evening God bless love ya. I haven’t seen my son’s in 11 days it’s killing me inside.but I know and they know that gods got is

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