My son said he wanted a tattoo at 16…

My son said he wanted a tattoo at 16… let me tell you how that went

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  1. I love Steve Harvey. I love him even more now. Good job, Dad!!!!!!

  2. I love, love Steve Harvey!!!❤️❤️

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I’m laughing so hard right now…GO STEVE! My 16 year old daughter once told me she “wasn’t going to church (on a Sunday morning)… she was going to stay home that day! I said, ‘l don’t remember ever asking you if you wanted to go to church!?!? In this house, we get up and go to church on Sunday! I don’t ask you if you want to go to school, do I? It’s just something we do! Your Dad and I don’t ask each other if we want to go to work that day… we just get up and go! Now. Go get ready because IN THIS HOUSE WE GO TO CHURCH!” End of problem.

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