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I never let my failures define me. When you make a mistake just get up and go again. What you trippin’ for? My father used to tell me you’re going to either get over it or die mad. You got two choices.

Your mistakes don’t define you. Just keep living, keep waking up in the morning. I’m Ephesians 3:20 all day long. I expect God to do exceedingly and abundantly overall I think or ask because I honor Him. His blessings will chase me down and overtake me.

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  1. A lot of lifes are going to change after listening/watching to this awesome video, I mean I use to go with what people think about me. But now I realise that only God can judge me🙏. Thank you so much Mr Harvey.

  2. I am blessed by God…. I will not allow mistakes or failures to define me. I will keep living…
    Ephians 3:20 is my declaration…. I am in position for greatness…

  3. My Uncle Steve, I just want to say thank you for allowing God to using you to SAVE my Life. I have been going through so much felt like a failure and on this day My daughters therapist gave my her these motivational speakers to feed into her spirit daily she told me to do it. I immediately turned to them on my phone u came up I was so excited because I was not getting to see u on tv like I was, but this was all that and some so that day I listen them all that night so it became a habit so I woke up said I CAN ,I WANT TO LIVE to listen to YouTube and there you were I was so excited I began to listen to u all day while I was writing my book when I was getting this business up… I began to share you with my bio mom and with the family telling them No negativity listen to God speak through uncle Steve. Thank you for being your authentic self. Gratitude I have…I’m so grateful for all I have and I’m working hard for my season is coming. God allowing me ( with few verses that I used and u shared with me help me alone the way)to write my vision I have them in notebooks. The life I have at this time is different from yours. You and Auntie Diva Marge lets me see the I CAN , FRIDAY JUST TURNED 50 AND A NEW LEAF I CAN I WILL WITH GRATITUDE , MY VISION AND MY FAITH I WILL KEEP UPING MY ASK SO HE CAN UP HIS GIVE GODS GOT ME! STAY TOON LOOK OUT FOR MY BOOK YOU PUSHES ME TO DO… WERE DO I GO FROM HERE (FYI.. i have a person re writing it u know the grammar not so good)

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