Your Name Is What? Funniest Moments With Steve Harvey Pronouncing African Names

Family Feud Africa

Get ready to LOL!!! We’ve compiled some of the funniest moments with Steve Harvey from Season 1 of Family Feud Africa 🤣😂🤣 The struggle is real!

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  1. I saw Steve Harvey in person a couple of years ago when he came to my job “Villanova University “. It was an event supporting the handicap. Steve was very patient and have a great sense of humor. He looks the same in person. It was a pleasure to see him.

  2. First i have to say im a huge fan, thank you for always uplifting my spirit!! Im not writing you about myself, im writing about my nephew.😔
    Dakota Schneider is a newly single father to two beautiful sons as his wife Courtney died unexpectedly 10/29/2020. Courtney was brutally beaten in a home invasion in 2016 while pregnant with her first child which in turn created years of trauma, anxiety, depression and grand mal seizures. Her attacker, a passerby walking down her street, was a man who was thirsty on a hot day and asked for a glass of water, with a kind spirit she obliged to what ended up causing turmoil in her young life.Ultimately she had a seizure that took her home to heaven. She went to specialist after specialist and they could not contain her seizures. Was a hard road for the last 4 years for the Schneider family. Dakota is a mere 27 years old and a now a single father to two now Motherless children Dominic (3) and Lincoln(1). He would never ask anyone for help, He works 6 days a week to provide stability for his family. His spirit is broken, and can you imagine having to brave face because of your children? Life is so unfair, can be terribly unkind. The sympathy we have for this young man and his beautiful sons is absolutely heartwrenching. Please pray for Dakota, Dominic and Lincoln Thank you Sir for hearing his story. Many blessings,
    Lisa Loy

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