Your Name Is What? Funniest Moments With Steve Harvey Pronouncing African Names

Family Feud Africa

Get ready to LOL!!! We’ve compiled some of the funniest moments with Steve Harvey from Season 1 of Family Feud Africa 🤣😂🤣 The struggle is real!

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  1. I saw Steve Harvey in person a couple of years ago when he came to my job “Villanova University “. It was an event supporting the handicap. Steve was very patient and have a great sense of humor. He looks the same in person. It was a pleasure to see him.

  2. I need help mr Steve help me

  3. I need help for you mr Steve

  4. I am not someone big or what but ideally I love what this guys tells us , but I wish I could see him one day him too will be very glad to have me

  5. Steve is indeed an inspiration

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