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  1. Steve I know Lady that knows you her name is Marie Sylvain I’ve been involved with her son since June 2018 we both have chemical dependency I’ve care very deeply for Frantz J. Sylvain I’ve been struggling with our relationship he’s tx me he loves me and ive been hanging on to have hope In this Love but now I see that it’s not real and I can overcome my addiction to the chemical but it’s tearing me apart that this chemical is his demon and I think I’ve been ignoring my Lord Jesus because I don’t want to admit that I might be wrong but life isn’t getting better with him it’s always the same and I’ve learned he has done some very dark things even to myself but I still have trouble accepting it I need to pray and focus on my unity with Christ I don’t want to be a yones downfall but I have called far and looking for a way to win for once in myifeive never wanted to hurt another person Fran and I got into a fight one time backing 2018 to my knowledge he has mad a point to have some sort of social media group terrorize me everything I get upset he has given me drugs and had me busted with them he brags to me about if he gets into trouble his family bale’s him out and that if I try to do anything else about it he would have me kill and apparently he’s overdosed people and made like he told them not to do it the drugs but he never has to face responsibility for the people he has hurt that is t Gods way every man shall receive for the wrong that he has done and there’s no respect of persons so I’m saying to you that should a man help a man that does these thing to another man even if he’s family should his family cover up his wickedness with there money and attorney or is that keeping God from sending him to the path he has chosen so he has no correction from his father or does he just need to cry that it’s another man’s fault that he did what he did or is it his fault and should be made to pay for his mistakes you said you can’t leave God out of it theord chastises the one he love and if you receive no chastisement the your not a son but a bastard and if that be so then he isn’t Gods family neither is he a family member of the members of Gods family so how is it that he gets to destroy people and his family covers up his evilness Marie said to me one time that I just let him do it the thing is I never let him do anything that I don’t know about but I don’t know what she was referring to that I just let him do I truly believe he has exploited me sexually and if he has I have never Concented to him exploiting me without my knowledge I’m reaching out to you because Ive been told by her caregiver Marie also her name that 86 year old mother Marie Sylvain at 675 concord ave in Cambridge ma knows you and I’ve watch your show listen to you make jokes about my ways but I want you to know I’m the Good guy in this situation and I still love that fool and have screwed up my life by wasting all this time maybe you could help me back to a better path I need to figure out how to walk right I. The Lords sight I want to be a light in this world to do something great so maybe one day you could bless me with and opportunity to get on family feud oret me win PCH I’m not sure but you keep popping up on my phone so I feel like this isn’t a game you know me my life frantz Marie everything. So Godbless you and your and I’m more then just a faggot I actually love the person that told me he’s been a spoiled brat his whole life and the family cleans up his crimes so he can keep doing these dirt’s to white guys and getting away with it and he only does it to whites he gave me HIV and was going to see if it’s true with a blood test right before we took the test he backed out I know he did this to me for revenge he is a spoiled brat like he says and there are actually people who don’t care that he done these thing they just want to keep him out of jail well sir jail changes people for the better covering up there wickedness give they the mind that they got away with it does your God tell you that it’s ok too

  2. So true Steve!!

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