Ghetto Wedding 2 | Steve Harvey Classic

LAWD!!!!! They in the chuuuuuch cussing at the wedding 😂🤣😁

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  1. Were do I down load videos ,for extra ordinary video

    1. Hi Wanda, you can watch all of Steve’s videos on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/officialsteveharvey

  2. Steve Harvey has come a mighty long way – Love It – Awesome dude! So proud of him and praise GOD for all that He has done in his life. More importantly – Steve keep it 100% real.

  3. I just love Steve.
    From his conedy,raduo show,tv show and inspirational comments.
    Blessings Steve Harvey.

  4. Can’t sleep, 1:30, so glad I had received this email with Steve shows today. So funny. Miss him being on Family Feud.
    Great real person. Thanks Steve

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