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Faith Is The Substance

A lot of you have heard the scripture BUT has anyone ever broken it down to you? “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

Here’s what it means and nobody in my Momma’s church ever explained it to me like this.

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  1. Your strong character is well needed,
    Especially at times like these.
    Thank you for sharing mr Harvey .
    I’ve always followed you at times.
    Hope one day we t it up🏌️

  2. You’re a God send to many and I love listening to you. I love your humor I’m always laughing listening to you. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and many others. Keep up the good work. God bless you Steve Harvey.

  3. Thank you so much you speak the truth about faith land i need to hear thank you so much

  4. Well explained. Thank you so much

  5. I needed these

  6. Keep delivering Gods word. We’ve come this far by Faith.

  7. Hello mister Harvey is Barry I live in France.
    But I come from in Africa country’s name Senegal.
    Every your show, I’m watching to you .
    With happiness gladly

  8. You are an amazing person Steve Harvey . I pray God continue to bless in everything in you and your families life.

  9. Daddy Harvey , I’m praying to i will meet you a one day.
    With yours family. And Mommy Marjorie

  10. I have no words to say an other to keep moving forward after I watched this thank ya Steeve

  11. I need to here that thanks Steve

  12. Thank you Steve , I Needed this!!! My Faith in God is Extremely Strong… As you know we go through because we are human….but as I was goin through, the email came through…. Thank You!!! Blessings to You and Your Family!!! Peace & Much Love!!!

  13. Thank you for sharing and may God keep blessing you and giving you the wisdom, to see and understand the truth of his messages.

  14. Steve , this was powerful. I truly have to share this with my 21 year old son. I think he feels like nothing is going to happen for him , no he didn’t go to college and I didn’t like that because I did and my daughter. I feel like he doesn’t have that fight in him even though I tell him every day that the job you have might not be what you want but it’s something until you find out what you really want to do. I don’t know how to talk to him otherwise because I don’t really know what he’s thinking. I hope that this motivates him.
    Thank you ,
    God Bless you and your family, love you and especially Mrs. Marjorie

  15. That is heavy and was well needed. During these days of uncertainty we need to keep our faith strong Faith and believing can take you where you need to go. I pray for my faith to stay strong because I need it and God to make it through.

  16. God bless you & your family!

  17. Thanks Steve. I’ve always enjoyed your shows…all if them. And I love how God is using you. Keep on keeping on!!

  18. I needed that this morning!!Thank you Sir.

  19. Law of Life!
    Faith: Biblical , Book of Hebrews 11th Chapter – Verse 1.

  20. Amen and I claim it! Thank You Mr. Harvey!

  21. All I want is that HOPEful type of FAITH!!!

  22. Thanks for all of the motivated comments.. This has helped me in life.. Gid has spoke through you to touch my life… thanks

  23. Thanks for all of the motivated comments.. This has helped me in life.. God has spoke through you to touch my life… thanks

  24. I need more of that. You always inspire me. No one motivates as you.
    When I am down and I hear you for just a minute..you shake my spirit to wake up..

  25. Excellent!!I am so grateful and Blessed by YOUR presentation HOPE an action word ,one has to move, to PUSH,,to change, the scenery AND CHARGE the atmosphere around YOUR thinking and environment. The evidence of things not seen!!

  26. Amen. Thanks Uncle Steve! I miss the Steve Harvey show, but I am still watching Family Fued. God is so good. Brings me to rushing tears if I even think about it and how great He is. I grew up without a father but I always told God he was my Father. He never left me. I love him soooooo much. Have a very blessed day. Love y’all!

  27. Thanks😊Mr.Harvey much need🙏

  28. We Thank GOD for YOU as you Continue to plant Your Seed Across The World. A mighty long way you have come and I don’t even know your entire story. Keep touching our lives with your wonderful EXPERIENCES AND WORDS OF FAITH !! God’s Blessing to you and your family forever and a day.

  29. Thanks😊Mr.Harvey much needed 🙏

  30. Thank you needed all of this. To God be the Glory

  31. Hi Steve, I’ve never heard it broken down (as though you said) just like that. It was extremely inspirational and took me to another level of my faith. I know there’s always room for improvement. I thank God for you and I pray you get all that your heart and soul desires, in Jesus name Amen. Keep talking your talk and walking your walk. Peace

  32. Steve Harvey,
    You have simply broken the code. I wish I could articulate the magnitude of this illustration. Through my life experiences, I have come to the same revelation. I’ve been sharing this concept with close friends but certainly didn’t articulate it like this. The incredible aspect of this “life nugget” is there is absolutely nothing you nor I can do to activate this principle in anyone’s life. That is huge for those who chose to mentor and motivate. It relieves you from the responsibility of putting this principle into action. On the same token, it also serves notice to every individual that God has provided you a weapon to step into your destiny. No one can take it, no one can use your token, and no one can take credit for its existence. Therefore, what you have, experience, and achieve all comes from God.

    I traveled that road of social expectancy by going to school and got my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. I didn’t even want to finish the doctorate, but my father asked me to finish. So as a symbol of honor for my father, I met with my advisor, made sure there was a path available to me to complete the program, and suspended all social activities and cleared my obligations so I could focus on completing the dissertation. Writing the dissertation was one of the hardest goals I’ve achieved. Now, I pledged our Fraternity in Spr89 at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore by myself. You and I both know what that path is like. However, I made it through that not realizing that through lessons learned In pledging, I would harness and utilize those survival skills to complete my dissertation.

    So on May 15, 2015, I graduated and received my doctorate. At that time, I was working for the State of Maryland as the highest-ranking African American male at the Department of Health. I thought that I now had what was necessary to achieve my destiny. When I returned to work, someone or something launched an attack on my professional career, and I was terminated with no cause almost four months to the day of receiving my degree. I knew that the attack was personally and racially motivated, but I thought the law was on my side, but it became clear to me that sometimes even the law can’t protect you. So I’m wrestling with being terminated, facing cervical spine surgery one week after termination, denied unemployment, and having difficulty getting a job while shouldering the responsibility of raising my teenage son. I suffered three heart attacks due to stress. But one day, while walking my dog, which was prescribed by my cardiologist as a form of treatment, God spoke to me. As I slammed the door after returning from my walk, God asked me why I was so mad at the group of individuals that I believe attacked my character and orchestrated my termination. I began to angrily run off a list of horrible things that I endured as a result of the enemy’s attacks. His response was, “Don’t you know I control what you get and don’t get?” My heart stopped, and there was no more dialogue. However, from that point on, God exposed me to the underpinning of FAITH. It was easy for me to accept the good things in life as I believe that God gave it to me. However, it was a terrible struggle to come to grips with the possibility that matters in life that I consider to be “HELL” came from God as well. This challenge every thought I had about life and faith. As I lived through this experience, I struggled to hold on to anything and wished I would die from one of the heart attacks so it would all end. But then I was guided to the Book of Job. I studied that book for two months straight, breaking down every possible meaning to understand suffering. I knew I was close to losing that one last mustard seed of faith. Then God allowed me to see; it was Hope that I need to make sure I never lose. It was Hope that was a pivotal part of understanding why faith in God is the key to life. Because without Hope, there is no faith. That’s why God only requires a mustard seed worth. So thank you for articulating what I lived. Thank you for fighting through the “hate” to understand that you have an assignment on your life that aligns with your destiny and you are doing it and living it. I’m proud to call you my Fraternity brother. Push Que! Don’t let nothing turn you back or away from the love of God. We all have to understand that our destiny is tied up in Hope and action. You need Hope to dream, dreams to discover, insight to ignite, and action to achieve! God bless you, and I’ll see you at the intersection point of our destiny!

  33. God Bless you Steve. O I’m sorry God has already Blessed you more abundantly than you ever could have imagined. Thank you for your inspiring words. I saw this episode when it originally aired. You are truly missed on the “Talk Show Junket”. I watch Family Feud every evening repeatedly. It gives me my evening laughs and excitement. Keep up the good work and I’ll continue following you. Yes, I do watch you with the beauty pageant. Also, I wish you were around when I needed inspiration. My Grandmother, Mrs. Bertha Anna Belle Rucker Pringle was the only one who really inspired me to do my best. I’m the eldest of eleven children. Stay blessed and safe. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Thank Steve I have the same faith.steping out. And I did but I had to wait until God Tell me more. about life about me walking on my leg again I am walking but not like I want to.

  35. Thank you Steve Harvey! I truly enjoyed and agreed with what you stated! Great reminder and motivational topic! God Bless

  36. Thanks Mr. Harvey for this motivation talk on faith. Am saying thank you cause you open my eyes to a better understanding on what faith really is. Just losing the love of my life my husband! My husband battled cancer almost 3 years! And when came to his last moment of life on March 13th 2020. I was brought up that Friday the 13 Was a bad day! I said to my children it not a bad day it was a good day! Cause you see threw God’ Grace and Mercy was what brought my husband your dad Thur. It was by Faith that God heard my prayer. Thank you so much Mr. Harvey!! Sign one of your true listener of WHUR 96.3 of Washington DC. Terry!

  37. I need you help

  38. Hi, Steve
    When I was growing up my Mom used to go to your concert’s and she loved you so much but she said you cussed too much back then in the 70’s and 80’s, lol. I just wanted to let you know that I have been following you for a while and you are one of the coolest black men I know and you do inspire me in the things you say. You don’t sugar coat, you leave it at the door step. I’m so proud of you, keep doing what you’re doing. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Christmas Eve of 2019. Since then I have had 2 breast surgeries and taken radiation treatment for 4 weeks 5 days a week. I have been through so much Steve, I don’t think the average person could handle it. Since then last week I finished my last radiation treatment and this week I did my follow up with my doctor and now I am Cancer Free. God is still in Charge. Stay safe and blessed.

  39. Steve will you please pray for me and my family. I watch ALL you shows. Whether it be movies, talk shows, game shows & especially motivational shows. I’m a 56yr old Gma raising my 5 yr gdaughter. Times have gotten REAL HARD with the Coronavirus. I’ve been laid off, applied for unemployment but haven’t received a penny in 6 weeks now. Everytime I call in I can’t get thru to speak to anyone to find out what’s going on with my claim. I’m trying to stay strong and keep the faith. But it’s really hard when it’s another month coming up and still no income. Not asking you for anything but your PRAYERS please. Say hi to Majorie. I Love You Both. God Bless.

  40. I set my alarm for 4:55 every weekday just to listen to your morning inspiration at the top of the hour at 5am (here in Chicago) listening to your inspiration and encouragement is a part of my DAILY ROUTINE!!! Thank you sooo much for the morning PUSH..!!! I have tested positive for this COVID19 …HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DISEASE!!!! This is/was one of the most TERRIFYING moments of my life!!! I look at life and appreciate my life and living sooo differently now!!!
    I was writing my own OBITUARY…
    BUT GOD!!!

  41. Come back Steve we need you and your Wisdom

  42. Thank you! Now I got it.👏🏿🙌🏿💪🏿🤔

  43. Thank you Mr Steve Harvey. I have always been inspired by your dedication and hard work ethic. Keep letting your light shine. I pray that you continue to keep God first and God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  44. Hallelujah! And Amen! I’ve never heard it better than that Mr. Harvey! I love you and listen to your speeches all the time. I don’t think your calling is comedy. You have found it though. It is motivational speaking and Bible interpreting! Keep doing what you’re doing! I love you!

  45. Thanks Mr. Harvey!!!
    That speech spoke volumes to so many people especially in times like this.

  46. Comedy was just the path to your gift!
    You better do it Steve!

  47. I needed to hear that today!

  48. Live your life Steve,love and admire you so much.May GOD continue to bless you and your family.V

  49. This was confirmation to continue the path that I’m on. God is faith and trust in him. Thank you.

  50. Thank you. I preach about how Steve always brings light into my day. Whether that is inspirational, spiritual, or real talk.

  51. Steve, you are a preacher in disguise, a Spiritual placebo changing the direction of many. May God continue to empower you to empower others, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
    The Hope Dr.

  52. Steve, you are a preacher in disguise, a Spiritual placebo changing the direction of many.
    The Hope Dr.

  53. I have done the work. I have written the plan as you said and yes Faith without works is dead. I have been a witness that it works. Thank you Mr. Harvey for your speech on faith.

  54. When I was 14 years old I was a victim of sexual abused, it was my mom’s best friend that took advantage of me because my mom uses to always say that I would never become somebody. I lived to prove her wrong. I to always get hurt from her male friends and she never protected me, her word to me was I have a vagina I should go and make use of it, every time I would tell her that I’m hungry . after I got pregnant she abandon me saying that she was too young to be a grandma. I had no one but God and hope I couldn’t get a job because my mom never wanted to get me my legal documents. I wasn’t going to school so I was pregnant, illegal, and alone. I remember moving from places to places trying to get food for my little brother, I had no money my mom left me with ten dollars so I could take care of little brother it couldn’t do much for both of us so I would let him eat and begs someone for a dollar so I can buy ships and soda, that was my meal everyday sometimes I would get food from my stepdads family and people that live in the neighborhood my life was upside down, but I never gave up hope and faith. after having my daughter I didn’t know what to do so I told them that I wanted to give her up for adoption. when I told my step-grandmother she told me no she would support I was getting help from people my mother told me to always stay away from all the people my mom used to tell me to disrespect were there for me. After the welfare found out what my mom did they took me from my mother and let me stay with my step-grandmother. I was safe and having food for me and my baby to eat my step-grandmother didn’t have anything herself but she always found a way. After everything, I started to have suicidal thoughts, so I started going to see a psychiatrist. My mom used to always say I would never found someone to love me. I am now a 21 years old mother of an 8-month-old daughter and engaged my firstborn is now six years old living with her adopted parent’s she’s happy, faith helps my with support, love education, and with a freelancer permit without me needed my mother. never give up!

  55. Ask and it shall be given. Faith is simply believing in God’s goodness and believing that he rewards the people who seek after him. Whatever you are hoping for, open your heart and accept that God is working on your behalf. Great explanation Steve. I love it. I believe in myself that my dream will achieve one day and you are going to interview me too. Hoping and believing.

  56. Amen

  57. Explained in great detail, thank you.

  58. Thank you you truly are an Inspiration.

  59. Thank you Steve Harvey, you are hope that is seen. There is a song “Every time you look at me you’re looking at a miracle. Every morning you give us something to laugh at (laughter is healing), but before that you give us a word of hope. People want to put God in a box, but He will jump out every time. We need you during this time in our lives. I would never have thought I would have lived to see what I am seeing and living in, but I thank God for every day. Keep on”keepin” on.

  60. Thank you, I needed some sign of hope for the future today. When I was listening to this I heard my own self saying, “Yeah, but your too old to and missed your changes”, BUT I quickly reminded myself that I can dream more than one dream. Yeah, I can’t be 25 again but I can be an amazing 55 yo that still does amazing things.

  61. I knew you was a preacher! You have a lot of callings!!! I am so very proud of you Rev. Harvey! Continue on your beautiful journey! I love everything you do!

  62. Thank god for you Mr. Harvey , my hope, is for increase for my business, and to purchase that Victorian house
    that run down and waiting for me to make it shine again.
    Hope one day ! you and your lovely wife will join me for Tea
    Praise God!
    I PRAY!

  63. You are the BEST!!!

  64. Hi Steve you don’t know how much I love an admire you for always being truthful an making it plain. You don’t throw rocks and hide your hands. You say it nice so you can say is twice. You don’t mind repeating yourself because it’s true and honest. Tell Marget hi I Love her personality. Im 74 y’all remind me of my children. Be Bless.

  65. Thank you!

  66. True…Faith is a substance of what we Hope for…I have always have Faith and Hope in the Lord believing that He can do it…Thanks Steve for empowerment…

  67. Thank you for your words of encouragement and motivation. I have watched you for many years now on your shows and I love your radio show as well. I have always loved Family Feud, but since you have been hosting it, it’s even better than ever now. I would love to meet you one day, but if not, I admire you and appreciate you. God bless you Mr. Steve Harvey!

  68. Thanks for such word..
    I love watching you everyday it unfortunate I was not able to meet you when you visited Ghana, but I believe one day I will meet you in the States.

  69. Thank you Steve for sharing one of your many talents with us. I have enjoy your talk show, radio show, family feud and etc. You are a wonderful person. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Stay bless, because GOD is so good.

  70. Amen brother!!

  71. I know this to be true, everything I ask and dream God to do and give me has come to pass.
    I ask him for my degree in business and it was granted it something that I wrote down years ago in my senior year book along with lots more and the Lord blessed me over and over, I am so grateful, highly favored and truly blessed.

  72. Steve Harvey, Ilove the way god is moving in your life, you and your wife are an inspiration to me you are just so real the way you talk about
    life and your experiences. I thank god for you listen to you every morning in New Orleans.(you keep it REALLL)

  73. I am so proud of you, Steve. I remember when you use to do stand up comedy at the little Comedy House in my home town of Augusta, Ga. YEARS AGO! It is so awesome to see you using the wisdom God blessed you with, to bless others. Keep inspiring others,


  75. I can’t imagine this, that was a divine revelation about faith being a substance and evidence of things hoped for. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

  76. Hi Mr Harvey i live in south africa man you inspiring me alot,i follow e’thing you say man that really works for me,i thank God to bring people such Mr Harvey in this world i wanna tell you something you’re the calling man, i always pray God to keep you for ever so that we can advice our kids to follow your promps thank you Mr Harvey

  77. I dont dream. So what coming attractions do I have. I’m 54 years old and all this is new to me. When I listen to you, Steve Harvey, I can understand everything you are talking about. You dont use 50 dollar words that I cant understand. You just dont know how grateful I am for that.
    You rock Mr Harvey. Thank you for being you.

    Thank You

    Vivian Huizar

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