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Give Ugly Men a Chance

Ladies, I'm dropping gems.

You better get ready for this one. Read my lips… get yourself an ugly man. You heard what I said. Get an ugly man or somebody that just looks “aight.” A cute man shouldn’t be part of the conversation. Trust me on this one.

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  1. U r right now all parts,

    1. Hello Mr. Harvey,

      You are to funny. Yes, you did get a chuckle
      out of me.

      Many Blessings,

      Cecilia Triana

    2. I thought I had a nice looking man but that was a big LOL all he went to do is drink beer all day it has been 2 years and we have not be out for dinner or anything. He tells me I can go out if I went to so he stays home all the time. Steve I like your show you are funny I have you on my phone Thank You

      1. Hi to everyone!!!
        My point of view its depends on ur relationship goal. What are u looking for …? Cause at certain age (from ur 19 to 26) I don’t blame any girl, who looking for handsome men . And I doesn’t said that all the handsome aren’t good . But Don’t expect you are the only see him cause the same way he look handsome in your eyes, it’s same for the others girls. So right now what’s ur relationship goal after 27 years old. Are u looking an handsome just show your peers you got an handsome men than inside of him his ugly( cheaters, disrespect u, etc….) Or you looking for a man who can communicate with you. Have a vision, a plan . Than who be able to plan with how we gonna do together to moving forward. Thats is my point of view. Girls it’s not depends of ugly and handsome. Cause girls you value a lot for us. a real men who respect God & understand how much importance girl be in his life, im telling you this men gonna show u all respect u deserve and treat u as a queen .

      2. I had a not so attractive man that couldnt perform.he got viagra and cheated on me .well well ..staying single til mr’ rite finds me .

    3. You cracked me up so hard and i needed that! Im from the Philippines and you weren’t my fave person.. but after that.. youre cool Mr. Harvey sir:) thank you!:)

  2. My grandma told me a long time ago that we all get old and ugly. Find a person with a good heart and that don’t change. Bring ugly on, but please let him have a good heart, love the lord and a good soul.

    1. A Man will do right, I don’t care if he’s ugly. As long as I can look at him for at least 5 minutes, then he’s not ugly.

      Carolyn Alexander
      Hopewell, Va.

      1. I’ll do that we they give ugly women a chance. ✌️

  3. Steve
    I have never had fine men they have always alright but they have been good to and bad. I just want a good guy I’m getting to tired of there lies and cheating ways.
    Steve you sure ugly guys are the better than the other ones?

  4. Love u Steve ❤️ all your comedy and talk shows. U are a positive role model and a good adviser especially when it comes to down to men. U have taught me a lot over the years. You’re very positive and a big inspiration for a lot of people. Keep up the good work. ????♥️ your book as well

  5. I was married to am ugly man and, he still cheated on Me with his younger brothers how wife!…

  6. I’m trying just to find A Man . At 47 I guess I just don’t have ‘The Touch “

  7. Steve you are absolutely right.
    I feel for a big ugly man. I was so needy for attention, love, money, a father for my kids. To my surprise he was that and more with a bonus … He love God.
    # the best man Ive ever known.

    1. Ugly or cute they all do the same …. maybe it’s just me …. maybe I just need to accept the fact that I’m going to be single (lonely) for the rest of my life .

  8. Steve Harvey I totally agree of the men I’ve dated and married in the past almost six decades cute/handsome me come with huge headaches. There’s always someone who is trying to get their attention, if he isn’t the busy one trying to hookup with all the women they see. Lord don’t let him have beautiful eyes, white teeth, tall, muscles, and a nice car — these chicks will open up for 3pc mixed spicy at Popeye’s with a coke or pepsi.

    Ugly men are so happy to have you they worship the ground you walk on. Always calling you, texting to just say you are on my mind, do you need anything. Your car will always be spotless, oil changed, great set of tires, and maintenanced. Oh and believe you will have the newest car of the two of you regardless of which one you bought. They are affectionate, compassionate, will love your children as their own. Never ever have to nag him about going to church, grocery store, etc he is not letting you go alone anywhere.

    1. I married a very ugly man ,but he stilled cheated with ugly women.

  9. Tell that to my daughter, seriously.

  10. I’ll try to give some ugly guy a try…

  11. it doesn’t matter if you get an ugly man, if you are a pretty woman that ugly man will think he is the sh@# because he got you, and then he will be the same as a good lucking dude

  12. Steve why not tell men even the ugly ones to stop looking for skin and bones. To give the Fluffy women a try.

  13. Steve I got some Johnny bull shoes call my daddy twin is the empire

  14. Steve, You’re the Best ! I’ve introduced your books, to my daughters and friends. Learned alot ! Hugs, Marie

  15. Darn right, cute men are horrible, they think there cut and so one. I’ve been there with one.

  16. 216 Steve ur one of the greatest comedians and tv host.im from Cleveland remember when u worked at man talk Servance mall

  17. Half the people will always think someone is ugly and the other half will think they are beautiful, so your plan is flawed. The ugly men I dated were still hateful, mean, cheaters. There is no such thing as ugly. It really doesnt exist.

  18. I’ve been there with the cute guy. He was an asshole.
    I met my husband. He’s the best person that God put in front of me. He’s the best!

  19. I was so disappointed in Steve Harvey today. When I think of all the people that died so you and I could have integrity and respect and to hear you go on national tv and tell a black woman that she should put her integrity aside for money was demeaning and I was hurt. What happened to those that don’t stand for the I convictions will fall for anything. Is this what you tell your daughters? I understand that Monique may have gone too far in vocalizing her feelings but if she honestly believes she was being used or abused then she has nothing to apologize for. Just like she got her residency in Vegas GOD will continue to provide for her. You have certainly proven that money changes more than your address. I am truly disappointed and hurt by the stance you took today with Monique. Maybe you weren’t thinking about how your words sounded it appeared you were saying suck it up be quiet and if you aren’t happy with the way you’re being treated the money will make up for it. Is this what you would tell Colin Kaepernick who has made the ultimate sacrifice for himself and his people. Steve please take another look at what you said to that woman that mother that actress today.

  20. Love me some him

  21. Sounds like a Damn Good Idea~

  22. I think his daughter took his advice and went after Jay Z. Steve for got to tell her to make sure there single lol

  23. I love myself some Steve Harvey and his gorgeous wife. They’re a beautiful couple. May God continue to bless their marriage and whatever they put their hands to do!❤️❤️❤️

  24. I love Watching Steve Harvey daily whole day. I enjoy listening to his views. It lightens question one also wonders. And his real says it like it is.

  25. We need to stop looking at the exterior & be concerned with the interior. I am mid middle aged & the more I speak with ladies of my age group & younger, there seems to be a huge emphasis on looks. Ladies, lets get our minds right, so our heart can be at peace… Steve as always, thank you for the Truth, life has truly allowwd wisdom to be your best friend. Stay blessed marcia brown.

  26. hi Steve I gave a man a chance he wasn’t good looking but I think he was attractive to me. And he tried to scam me he thought he had me in the palm of his hands and when he tried to scam me I told him you’d think you had me. He claims that he needed $800 for his daughter that was in a coma. I who had work for the hospital know what it is to be in a coma and so long story short he put me through stressed and I cut his ass off. And now he won’t leave me alone. He’s an engineer and not for nothing Steve I was attracted to him and still am but after what he did I’m trying to give him a second chance and he’s blowing it so therefore he ain’t getting the third one. You said men are hunters will let him help me if he want me LOL love you Steve

  27. You right Steve ugly on the outside handsome on the inside (heart)

  28. Steve this is so true. Cuz I got me a ugly friend that’s very nice in that order????????????

  29. Steve, my grandmother always said as long as you can wake up looking at the face. Take him shopping and don’t dress him up to much because you don’t want other women to start looking at him.

  30. Lmao ???? Truth, my husband of Almost 20 years isn’t the best looking thing but to my knowledge, has never cheated on me. Those gorgeous hunks I used to be attracted too, Cheaters!!!!! Not so cute ones know how to treat a lady????

    1. What about smart guys? I value a good conversation above all else.

  31. @SteveHarvey I agree with you. I believe the story the ugly duckling turns into a swan. My now husband was not cute at all but I didnt care. He had missing teeth., a shag- do, and bad feet…but he treated me like a Queen. So in return I took him to ABC dental took out the bad teeth, replaced them with new, shaved him ball and bought him a foot bath for his dogs. That was 19 years ago. ???????? So yes ladies Get yourself an Ugly duckling!!

  32. Amen, but it take a level of maturity to see that.

  33. Steve even these GA ugly ass men got stupid issues. Why can’t I find a single straight employed / retired man who knows his God given role. Who can appreciate a woman of truth.
    Yes I got slight issues but I take mine to the alter and No I ain’t giving up the cookie just to stay in the game, yes I’m focused and still want a leader… but not a bind ass cheating ass leaching ass unemployed no retirement saving ass absolutely no vision or at least none being nurtured ass little boy. My son says mom get out there but Steve it’s scary out in today’s dating scene. These guys are wreck less with their body and I just can’t.
    Lost my husband in 06 from cancer/ HIV been semi single ever since because I’m true to my health, I tell it upfront when need be I refuse to be a pin cushion for or with these fools. Steve please help me ask God for A New King all my own.
    Until then happily celibate.

  34. Steve I just need a man I’m 68 years old and lonely

  35. I take a unattrative man, Steve. Send him to me.

  36. Awwwwwwww!! Man I woke up at 6 something in the morning and turn my phone on and there you were Steve???????? you are such a trip dude???????????????????????????????? I’ve been laughing ever since???????????? wow!! I love you ????????????????????????mother, she’s right???????????????? she sounds like what I tell my children???? now they’re grown and she’s still looking for a man and he still looking for a woman.???? they tell me it’s hard???? maybe someday I can get them on that show before it’s too late???????????????????????????????????? I have no grandchildren and I’m sure looking forward to it???????????????????? thanks a million Steve for all you do???? much respect always.Mrs Aj retired nurse ????????

  37. Yes I had a cute man before and he give me a baby and the baby live until age 21 he never payed child support was $5.00 his payments never got a dime when my child was alive. We can togeher again and when I broke up with him he said can I get my $100. Dollar I told him thats your child suupport money. I could never date a cute man they arel not ??? Gave a half ugly man

  38. I git an ugly man….he LOVES HARD STEVE!!

  39. An ugly man is a man with a bad heart. A beautiful man is someone who shares their love unconditionally. ????????❤????????❤

  40. I don’t have ugly nor Cute man and I’m 55, almost shame to say that. Yes I would date a regular man, bring him on Steve

  41. Gotta ❤️ love Steve!!??!!

  42. I totally agree! If he knows he’s so hot other women just fall at his feet he’s more likely to cheat. I don’t want arm candy, I want someone who loves me without hesitation, not a man who is always double checking the mirror. I want someone who double checks me and is happy for what we have together

  43. Hell nah! Then they get big heads and either neglect or cheat on you. This has happened to me on more than one relationship. Bottom line men ain’t worth a dime.

  44. Sooo so sad but let the truth be told that’s FREEDOM! #REALTALK #4U2! LET THE LOVE FLOW MR.STEVE HARVEY. #REPRESENT 4ALL MANKIND IN THE LIGHT 4U2! Love is no good kept to YOURSELVES! @gmoqueens4life homemade goodness YASS!

  45. Getting an unattractive man is never the answer nor is it cut and dry. I tried two guys that weren’t attractive nor my usual type to date they were even nerds and they were just as bad with cheating as an attractive guy.

  46. I think Mr Harvy is very attracted. Sure he got what I call soup coolers, but that will make him a good kiss. You don’t have a big nose,

  47. I hear u but I had the ugly mugly and that got me NO WHERE! NOW I’m with the fine! And this is the best thing that ever happened to me! We have known each other for over 40 years, he keep me laughing to where my face hurts, he very supportive of me, he encourage me to go back to school, he tells me that he love me multiple times everyday and most importantly he loves the Lord! I am his future wife and he’s my future husband!

  48. Uncle Steve dropping some jewels. I find this to be somewhat true. Usually, when a man isn’t that good looking, he works hard for his Family, and will love you to no end. There’s no competition with him competing in the market or trying to out do you. The problem is the man can’t be too ugly though Uncle Steve to the point he don’t have room for enhancements. And, he got to be a little easy on the eyes when he’s all cleaned up. ????. I’m just saying not too ugly but fair looking. Speaking from experience, a man too ugly we can’t make it to our first date. Ijs

  49. I am not looking for outward appearances of people. It is what’s living on the inside that counts.

  50. Steve you are so right I met my husband 8 years ago have been married for 7. He had encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. He’s not a drop dead gorgeous man, but he is my Hot Sexy Macho Man. I love every inch of him he is beautiful inside and out.

  51. I did give a ugly man a chance and he went the thinking He’s ass real good looking. Not

  52. You sooo fantastic I love ❤️ watching all your shows. Wanda conlin

  53. OMG I been saying this since middle school . For real we are dependable

  54. When I was a kid I had an uncle used to call me fish cause my eyes were big well am pretty sure I grew Into them now

  55. I had a man that looked just like ( Steve Harvey ) and I used to say he alright. So when I see Steve I see him, he was cocky like Steve used to be LOL but he did treat me and my son good. So yes the ones that look alright keep them around. ????????

  56. Oh well, I have had both….and am a firm believer in allowing the Lord to select your mate. It is only when the Lord leads the man whether ugly or handsome will the relationship work. If that ugly man is not the one the L oi rd has selected it won’t work…and you must love the person extremely important.

  57. Hey Steve my name is Lisa Lewis I am a huge fan of yours and usually I agree with you. Hey but thats ok no two people or alike. We will all have different opinion in some things. So being respectful of your opinion,I must agree to disagree. Steve aint no way in hell I am picking no ugly ass man to look at every single day and night of my life. I wake up I see ugly . Go to sleep and still see ugly. Steve my husband when we got married was really good looking . He is still good looking. However his family members not so good looking. So i’ll just say this. The muslims pray approx. 7 times a day faithfully . After seeing some of his family members it was almost a deal breaker. Cause as a person gets older face features can change. Steve every day for the last 4 years I would pray to god at least 14 times a day. You should of seen me with my eyes closed in your bedroom praying saying lord please don’t change, please don’t change please dont change. My husband asked me why i was praying so many times . I said sweetheart I am praying for you.

  58. Steve, how are your twin daughters doing? All we hear about is Lori.

  59. Beauty and handsome fade.

    I prefer a man who loves Jesus, a man who is kind and caring in his interaction with friends and family. No calm quiet men aren’t push overs. How a man treats the women in his family is a total indication of how you will be treated.

    Life is too short to be with a man who thinks he still is as handsome as he was in his 20’s….get real. My brother is light skinned and a nut, but the women kept/keep/continue to line up and then try to ask me and my mom what to do with him. I told them the truth run and never look back.

    Men understand men so I love the fact you keep the facts real when you look at man in his:


    My grandmother would say we don’t want him in the family meaning don’t have kids by that fool.

    She also told me I can starve alone I don’t need company meaning NEVER take care of a man.

    A man has to have his own table and chairs meaning he needs a job, car, home, good credit, cash in the bank for an emergency.

    At 58, I’m telling my daughter’s and niece’s these thoughts. Of course they are looking at me saying what does that mean?

    Be blessed….

  60. I tried ugaly….baby I had nightmares for 2 years. I had stomach aches and acid reflux all the time…maybe I can try the aight one…because ugly damn near killed me awake and asleep.

  61. This is my second marriage. If I wouldn’t of looked past my husband’s “body type” I would of missed out on a wonderful human being. Literally a saint ❤. He is the most, kind, loving, smart, giving, happiest man on earth. Happy is an understatement. Be opened minded my ladies. You may miss out on a relationship that was sent from heaven. What may look good on the outside may not always be but a heart of gold is worth a lifetime. ????

  62. I enjoyed the video that I watched. It is amazing how true that beauty is all skin deep. My first husband was a knockout, but he cheated on me several times so we had to part. I do have a beautiful daughter and two wonderful grandchildren. My second husband, God rest his soul, was a wonderful and loving man. His beautiful blue eyes will always be in my memory. We had 12 and 1/2 years of marriage, and he never cheated on me. When he passed away, a little of me died too. Five years ago, my childhood sweetheart came back into my life, and I know for a fact that he will always be there for me, but we have separate houses to live in and never sleep together. We both lost our spouses, and we found each other again. We are both Christians, and we go to the same church and spend most Sundays together. Through the week, we try to have one meal together because he has one grown-up child that needs attention every day, and I understand that. We have always loved each other, and that is all that matters to the both of us. We are both retired and happy. Keep up the good advice about women finding an ugly man because they will be dedicated to you always. My second husband was a knockout, but we had a very strong bond because both of us got a bad deal with our first marriages. Love you Steve………

  63. It doesn’t matter ugly or nice looking. They are still the same. A man is going to what he wants.

  64. You are so right, Steve. I gotta a cute man…ugh! He don’t wanna work.

  65. girls how many of you are actually attractive lol?

  66. dude how many of you are good looking?

  67. Oh brother, I am not even a fan of Steve and I concede that he has a point, Us women don’t need a man that looks way better than we do and is the cutest looking man in the room!!!!

    The thing is he has to be very attractive to me the whole world isn’t dating my man if I look at him and think oh no he looks hideous then it won’t work because I am not going to even feel drawn to him in anyway however personality and looks go hand in hand for me!

  68. This is terrible advice! If you meet a man you have no sexual attraction to and get with him anyway, you’ve reduced yourself to a prostitute!

  69. Sighs..It is very difficult for me to find a love since I am ugly. I am still lonely living in NJ..Many women do not know that I am very kind, helpful, faithful, and considerate.

  70. That is so darn wrong to said that. And God is shaking head at all who agree with him. He should be better then said that. God made and love all. Steve not all of that to put someone down like that. He doesn’t have a good ????. He is just wrong. Shame you Steve for doing we did in high school grow-up. Don’t wish bad you, but you are so, so wrong. God made you now what. You was lady and did them wrong shame on you.

  71. You had three ladies and did them wrong. It not right.

  72. But what about getting an ugly woman??? Why can’t ugly or attractive men get a ugly woman??? Do men accept ugly woman?

  73. Ugly men are great lovers! They know they only have one chance to impress you so they go above and beyond the call of duty.

  74. Do any of you ladies date a guy with missing teeth? I’m 62 years old, have missing teeth but I can fix anything from Airplanes to Z-28 camaros. I have my masters in Electronics engineering and hold an A.P. for airplanes. The only time when a girl calls me is when she either wants me to babysit (I love kids) or repair something for them. Now everyone tries to tell me that I’m wrong about being TOO ugly. But there’s a difference between knowing and thinking, AND I know that I am ugly. I call it the Einstein effect. I ask a girl out and always get the same answer. I treat women like the way we should. I’ve done that, but they lie to you and cheat on you. Then I’ve seen people who treat their wife’s like crap and they LOVE the asshole? I don’t get it. Anyways thanks for your time…

  75. Whats this bout uglee wonen ? Theres no nsuch thing as a uglee woman there beatiful n curvy n ssupple, now i take that back, rember the world hip hop video when the girl who poeple thought was hot steped on the kitten to death? Thats a uglee bitch n sure il give her a chance a 5 sec head start befor i hunt her down

  76. Ugly men cheat too… Hey Steve how to I get men to see me as wife material and not a piece on the side or a mistress ? I earn my own money, own my own house, own my own car, paid for my education, act like a lady and wait ninety days. Then they don’t see me as a girlfriend, I find out two months later I was and always only ever be the piece on the side and I’m horrified as I stop all contact. How do I find a lovely kind man that keeps his word and is not interested in using and abusing women? Love your show and books. From Ronnie Down Under. XX

  77. Gold Diggers only care about guys with money, very ugly or not.

  78. I see a lot of ugly people take their ugliness out on me and I get tired of it.

  79. I’ve dated nothing but good looking men most of my life. A few ugly. And I get the most disrespect from the legitimately ugly ones! They got nothing but the audacity. The least attractive ones physically have historically been the most disrespectful to me. The ones that at least have cute faces don’t be the ones that treat me bad. It’s usually the ones that have NO business disrespecting me that are the worst. So, this has been opposite for me. The uglier he has been, the more he’s hurt me. My first ex boyfriend was ugly, and he will probably go down in my dating history as thee most dirty and trifling man I’ve ever cared about! The more pretty his face is, no matter the body type skinny, muscular or fat, he disrespects me less.

  80. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard but it does fit in the limited misogynistic thinking we push on the black woman. Should we put further down on our list yes. Looks should not the be the first thing on your list but it should not be removed from the list. Ugly men cheat just like good looking men. You assume that if your man only has you then he will not go roaming to other women. Which is silly.
    How about suggesting we as women of color seek men out side of the community for they are taught to respect woman in general and their women in particular. Why not encourage our men to get educations and take care of their bodies then give that to a woman of color? Rather than encourage women to accept anyone just so they will not be single.

  81. Just came across these writeup, really some words here are inspiring, my experience with the not too good looking ones are the best but the cute ones they might love you but definitely you won’t be the only woman, and they always feel their cuteness can get them who they want at any time, they develop ego and feel they are blessing to you too and you are lucky to have them , there must be trust issue, but in all I believe God gives us who we need not who we want.

  82. Hey Steve . I finally got here . I am your biggest fan. Am from West Cameroon and have been watching your show for years now. Just want to thank you for the advices and the inspiration. God bless you sir.

  83. I can’t even get an ugly man, and there aren’t any men who are dumb enough to want an old woman with young kids.

  84. No one wants an ugly man. Theres no attraction and I really don’t even want to know what they look like naked and on top of me. 🤢
    I want the whole package! Fit, attractive, strong, honest, kind, caring, successful, supportive, faithful, smart, respectful, financially stable, responsible, good with his hands, awesome in the bedroom, clean, doesn’t drink or use drugs, communicates, steers clear of trouble, can fix things, is affectionate, reasonable….And apparently does not exist in today’s world.

  85. Will you find such? As called me.perfect .

  86. Got some news for you all…UGLY men cheat too. When they have a pretty girlfriend or wife. Somehow confidence juice pumps through their veins. The concept: If I can get that pretty girl, there must be something about me,that means I can get ANOTHER pretty girl.

  87. I will never ever give an ugly man chance unless he was sterile and agreed to allow me to have an attractive and intelligent sperm donor. Looks matter, and I will NOT be setting my future children up for failure.

  88. First of all there are so many narcissist women everywhere nowadays that really think their S— doesn’t stink. So many very pathetic women all over the place as it is, and when many of us good looking guys will try to start a conversation with a woman that we would really like too meet, which they will usually be so very nasty to us and walk away anyway. Women today are totally the opposite from the past which is why most ugly guys do very well with most very attractive women, and most of us other guys have trouble meeting a good woman for ourselves. That is why many of us single guys are still single today because of this. And it didn’t matter what a guy really looked like back in the old days when most women really didn’t care about his looks at all, but as long as he had a very nice personality which was a real plus in those days.

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