God’s timing not our own | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

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  1. Mr. Harvey:
    I am a DC resident and try to listen to your open and closing moments of encouragement to inspire your listeners whenever I drive in my car. The best thing that someone could have shared with me was that your messages of motivation can be found on the Podcast. I enjoy them so much that I have downloaded anything that has Steve Harvey Inspiration from this site to Google and IHeart podcasts. I am often reminded about so many things that I have not applied to my young 60+ years of life. Your words remind me to do what I need to do to make things happen as my heart desires because what my heart desires are the things our FATHER has placed there for me to see that it’s mine. But I have been the hold-up. Thank you, sir, remain hilarious and continue to provide people encouragement throughout your day.

    A fan for a lot of years, but more importantly, your sister eternally.
    In JESUS’ name.

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