BIG MOTIVATION!!!! | Steve Harvey’s Motivated Mixed Tape Vol 3

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  1. My husband looks so much like you that everyone is calling him Steve

  2. Steve Harvey been watching you for years retired from army man don’t let. People strat you away from your wife that’s why you didn’t listen to the vowels at first I was married 3 times myself my third marriage. Was great he told me to listen for better or worse I love you and Margie don’t listen to no body turn your head you don’t know me but you and Margie look good together you love her it can be fix if true love you both ret Sgt breast cancer survival my husband put away he was my world we married late in life I will like to meet you two one day

  3. Just keep doing what you doing like you say talk to God he love to hear from you in the name of Jesus asking ask and it shell giving ,seek and you shall find it, knock and he will !!open doors. hallelujah.but you cannot be lazy.we a go getter and add the song say I’m running with Jesus all the way God bless you 🙏🏿💤💤❤️

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