Have Faith | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

If you don’t take away anything else… Just have faith!!!!

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  1. I got to JUMP‼️❤️


  3. Hello Steve,
    A couple of weeks ago I had a dream. I woke myself up so the dream would stop but when I went back to sleep the dream continued. I dreamt I was in a white (very white) room and there was only a door to move to the next room. The door I had walked through (behind me) was a wall there was only a door to move to the next room. I became afraid so I walked through the only door available. When I move into the next room it was the same; very white walls and only one door , the door I just walked through was now a wall. I just kept walking through each door the entire night (I couldn’t get the dream to stop).
    I was on TikTok today and you popped up saying “Walk through the doors, don’t look back move forward” I totally freaked out you talked about my dream to the tee. As soon as I heard your words (I listen to it several times) I KNEW God had given me this dream. I didn’t even know you were a minister until today. I just want you to know God works through you!!! I am walking through each door that comes before me. Thank you, your words encouraged me to continue to walk through each door that presents itself. I have ben going through a very dark time in my life and have learned a lot through the pain. God’s blessings in your life is my prayer for you.

  4. Well here’s all in Mr Harvey the first of all God bless you sir you are a very humbled man as I am a little bit about my story I am a single dad I had to put my kids in a temporary shelter move out of state so that I can work and get housing for my sons 10 years it’s been a struggle but without God by our sides without God in our hearts knowing that he’s going to have our back no matter what no matter how hard we fall he’s going to always pick us up and move it on I do have three awesome boys in my life I’ve been raising for the last 10 years solely by myself and due to I felt correct circumstances to protect my sons and myself due to a very violent landlord I left for our safety I come up to where I am at currently a friend says I’ll come up here you can get on your feet and wind up that she and her husband are not Bible believers and practice some bad rituals in my opinion and they got upset because I did not want to practice with them and they asked me to leave so I’m in the state that I did not know anybody they took my seizure medication I went into the hospital I came out not knowing a soul and I met this beautiful beautiful older woman that just needed someone just to be there and a very strong friendship with her and I and I’ve been helping her so much and she’s been helping me so much and she’s struggling a lot but just like myself her and I do not know anybody out here but we do have one person in common and that’s the good Lord above since 1997 when I first seen you on TV when I came home from football practice in high school that day and forward Mr Harvey you have been and will always be my mentor here on Earth has a man as a dad and maybe hopefully at a different time another husband with that being said all the stories that I have come truly deeply from my heart and when I tell them I have everybody filled with laughter on the floor including disabled veterans all walks of life we got to keep striving hopefully this gets to you keep going strong sir minor setback major comeback that’s what I tell my son’s every day to you your family and your friends have a blessed and wonderful evening God bless love ya.

  5. mr. Harvey, I have lived in a 55 and older apt. with my husband who has MS. For the last 5 years (been here 13 yrs.) since they have changed mgt. 5 years ago.. I have lost 2 vaccum cleaners, my clothes,my brand new shoes, my pocketbooks, my hair has been cut 3 times.. I woke up bald but, I don’t wake up when this is being done to me. I have had a rape test which lasted from 9:00 am to 3:00pm but couldn’t find anything, I haven’t had sex with my husband in 15 years a woman knows when her vagina is open and spearm is coming out but i couldn’t prove it because the person that was doing the test was on th phone the whole time talking to some one. This is a small town where everyone knows (white community) who lives where . I have been trying to leave but, with no funds I am stuck… they still my food, whenI go to the laundry mat they come in and take my clothes and have the nerve to bring them back dirty so I can wash them again. I have tried everything in my powere to save my clothes. Im retired I worked in corp and my clothes are nice.. I have even took them out and put them in storage they went to the storage place and picked my lock and took my summer clothes. I had to go close it down and bring my clothes back here.. I have three big boxes which the vaccum cleaners were in9THEY STOLE VACCUM CLEANERS) I put my clothes in that and taped them up real good.. they are coming in and trying to tear the tape off. This is the worse evil I have ever seen now I wash piece by piece for me to wear. I went to church last sunday and was baptized i really beleive that this will be over soon.. The bad part is they don’t touch anything of my husbands so he don’t beleive me. I person in the office says that I am at a blind spot…I am two doors from the camera.. I have had all types of cameras in my place. They knew about them and made fun of me by placing the cameras face down like ha-ha-ha whatever you do we know. What started this was a womand who said that she could give me (us)425.00 a wk if it sounds to good well.. it aint at first I said gee.. we can pay our bills with this but … after she wanted my car title,my bank acct I said to my husband Hell no.. that’s when it started everything of mine went down and the person in the office is with that person little known to me because I told her what was happeing and wow… when I went to her she always says ” I see nothing your at a blind spot”… brand new silk pumps never wore then was torn apart. I complained to the owner, I complained to the police nothing has been done. Now my husband fell in the Lobby and hurt himself “GOD IS GOOD!!!!” he has had 5 rotary cup operations and he flipped by his foot went under the rug which was not secured to the floor it has been taken up since but.. I got pictures,doctor and hospital now I am waiting for a MRI. I beleive I can get the hell out of here. I am praying this is the worse evil I have ever in countered. Whew!!! Im scared to go to sleep at nite I use to sit up or walk the halls it didn’t matter they still took what they want 5 years of hell in this place 5 long years!!! Im quite sure they know who it is but I can’t prove it, they know when I come and when I leave. I can’t grow my hair because they cut it. I don’t understand why I don’t wake up when they are doing ethese things to me. right now I am doing a biopsy on my arm theres a brand and I covered it with a band aid it blew up infested so we see

  6. God-bless you Steve Harvey Today I woke up and saw this video just like I get up every day and I keep going but you’ve inspired me to keep having the faith and keep going strong bless you and your family hopefully maybe I’ll come on your show one day that would be terrific would love to meet you in person Susan Pomerantz 😀

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