How Changing The Words You Use Can Change Your Life

Speak the change you want into existence.

From the time we were babies, words have been the biggest tool to form the way we think, feel, and act. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, re-teaching yourself words that encourage positive thinking can alter your life for the best.

Here’s how words make an impact on who you are:

Your Perception

The vocabulary you use in your daily life speaks to the way you perceive both yourself and the world around you.

Our self-esteem is made up of the words we say aloud and in our heads. For example, calling yourself ugly or a loser does nothing to improve these perceived flaws. Instead, it’s better to use positive words that allow you to grow above the negativity.

Practice these five words to improve your perception:

I am proud of myself for _____.

I am brilliant.

My life makes a positive impact.

I love my life and those in it.

I deserve to be happy.

The Way You Respond

The tongue is a tool that can be used to spark a fire or put out the flame. Using words that are regularly hurtful, dubious, or ignorant show a need to retrain the way you respond to stressful circumstances or conflicts.

The way you handle difficult conversations with friends or coworkers could be the thread that unwinds your most valued relationships.

Avoid this from happening by trading in these words for your old, painful ones:

Sorry, I wasn’t clear about my expectations.

What can I do to support you?

That was my misunderstanding.

I understand what you’re saying. You mean ____.

Here’s what I’ll do to fix ____.

How You Affect The World

Words are the catalyst for your actions. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you’ve automatically halted your brain from untangling the problem you believe is stopping your accomplishments.

That dream you have will forever stay sleeping if you don’t use positive words that will encourage you to get ahead.

Try using these words to push yourself forward:

By the end of today, I will complete “XYZ.”

I always find a solution.

This is the best way to organize/schedule ____.

Nothing can stop me from success.

My small steps keep moving me closer.

Remember… your choice of words is just the first big step! The next one is how you choose to say them. If you internalize the positive words in your life, there will be no stopping your prosperity.

Now’s the time.

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  1. Steve your thoughts are right on time. I have been to many of Tony Robbins sessions through out the years. and I have applied these methods to my life and it has changed my life totally. In all phases. So your thoughts just confirms in order to get to where you want to be, you have to start doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible! that’s where I’m at, my path.

  2. Dear Steve,

    I, am a “Hugh Fan”, and I listen to you every morning. I, also signed up to “Jump”. I, had some disappointing setbacks. So, now , I’m ready to “Jump” again. I have several projects that I’ve been working on that I would like to discuss with you. You, also stated that you wanted to reach a pacific point in your life, and I’d like to help you accomplish that.

  3. Good morning Steve , I have watch your shows ,read all your books .I listen to you for mentor ship specially on the radio . One day I heard you say start a vision board so I did .back in 2016 I started setting goals for myself for2017 , the vision board really help, I have accomplish them all and ….now I want to continue on some other goals like meeting you one day if I had not listen to you and Bishop Jakes I don’t know where I be right now . theirs one thing you said is you got to put God first . and its not easy striving for your goal its hard work but hard work pays off . your book Jump helped me tremendously! because I always had this hold back thinking no way I can do it , but changing the mind set of how I view my life put me on the right track . God have bless me with beautiful kids , he gave me a home , car , great job , now that all the kids are adult now , I’m ready to live the life he gave me , but since I have read all your book its hard finding a mate to share with , your book has made me very picky . but still have a good out look on meeting someone . can you help me find the man for me ?

  4. Hello Steve, this is my second time submitting this comment. The first time, I deleted it because I felt as if I was feeling sorry for myself and begging. Therefore, I went back and read other comments and listened to your brain drop segement. Well Steve, June 10, 2018, I suffered and injury in home and had not been able to return to work. Since then I have watched your show everyday to lift my spirts, encouragement and great advice. October 17,2018 I watch your show and the segement about debt. Your guest was given the advice to filed bankruptcy from your co host. Bankruptcy has helped me and many ways, but in one particular way it has harmed me in advancing in my career. I work as a Special Education Assitant. Since the injury I thought this would be a great opportunity to complete my degree in Special Education. Due to the Bankruptcy I cannot return to school even though the debt is almost paid off. I have to wait until the Balance of seven hundred and eighty dollars is paid off. Due to some obstacles that came along while trying to complete my degree, I now have paid my own tution and for my first class out of pocket. I want to know should I write my state senator to see if this particular bankruptcy law show be chang when it comes to education. I love and enjoy your show. All the great advice on various topics.

  5. I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You are an blessing and
    I am grateful. Keep shining your light!!

  6. MR Steve Harvey you are my dream.

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