How I Would Introduce Jesus To The Stage? | Steve Harvey Classic

Introducing the man who needs no introduction…

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  1. If that was at all possible ,I think Jesus would be very proud of the way he introduced him

  2. Sweeter than a swisher, player! Looking forward to the 2nd coming.☝🙌💪👊👍

  3. I love Steve Harvey and hope he keeps making the impact on peeps that he has on me. I started believing again and thank him for what he does

  4. This is awesome sir, no wonder he keeps blessings you. You sure did introduce his second coming pretty well sir. Stay bless.

  5. Thank you Mr. Harvey. Jesus has clearly worked and is still working in your life and mine as well ! Thank you for not giving up !!

  6. Awesome introduction

    He is the one who ensures our jug doesn’t run dry nor the bin of flour get used up ..!

  7. This isis awesome . I love the motivational speech. No wonder He is stillis BLESSING you.You have waked me up from my dream. Thank you and God richly bless you , stay bless.

  8. Hi Harv
    I have been married 3 years and want to prank my wife we listen on wats app everyday.
    Please email me for details

  9. My God Stivie you introduced the best man in my life more than I would have,you are my brother who has served me well on social media and pushed me to do best ☺️ thanks I cannot say more ❤️❤️❤️😘

  10. I remember watching this whole stand up you did I was left in stitches I went and bought the dvd that I still play time and time again and still laugh like the first time watching it 🤣😂🤣 you’re my best thanks ❤️❤️

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