How Sisters Mollie & Madison Survived a Carjacking Attempt

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  1. Man I love everything you do for people. I’ve been following you since I was a kid watching show time at the Apollo Me and the boys Kings of comedy Def Jam and the Steve Harvey(Mr. Hi Tower) keep up the good work and one day hopefully I can sit on the couch because I got some questions for you.

  2. I’m Really going 2 miss the Steve Harvey Show I hope n wish 2 c his shows on utut

  3. I’m obsessed with Steve Harvey I’m a huge fan of the comedians and their talk shows I watch Steve Harvey everyday when I was about 13 years old it’s about 1:00 p.m. and move to 4:00 p.m. the following year of 2016 Steve got a partnership with NBC Universal television distribution and i m g original content from the first season and endeavor content from the 2nd and final season this show was taped at the NBC Tower in Chicago Illinois from 5 seasons 2012-2015 and Universal Studios Hollywood from the first and 2nd and final seasons 2017-2019

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