How Steve Became Host of Family Feud

Here's the un-told story of how I became the host of Family Feud.

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  1. Steve is perfect … great for any game show. He’s hecka funny but still very professional … he knows his boundaries.

  2. Steve you are suuuper hilarious I love you keep up the Great work you Big Hunk Of Blue Cheese ????cause you be Dressing????????

  3. O boy have times changed an is uncontrollable. How refreshing of this host is .. Everyone is funny when hes funny. The stuff people say guessing is hilarious . I have gone into a chocking cough by laughing so hard an long people will laugh with me.
    To be completely honest Steve is irreplaceable. You can’t hold up a match stick to a beacon… “He lights up the oddeence into radante laughter” Thank you for keeping funny fun.

  4. Thank you for this information, you are very transparent.

  5. Hi Steve n Majorie my mom luved family fued n Steve Harvey my passed in her sleep this morning plz keep us prayer thanks

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