How Steve Met His Wife Marjorie

I knew I was going to marry my wife Marjorie the first second I saw her.

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  1. I was divorced for 8 years. During that time, I didn’t date or have a girlfriend. I’m a DJ, and began to hate playing love songs. I missed loving someone. Then one day, I was eating lunch at work watching the ladies walk by. I looked up and my eyes was fixated on a goddess. I said to myself “if I ever get married again, it would be to someone like her”. When the day came where we crossed paths, I boldly introduced myself and we eventually went out to lunch. She sensed that I wasn’t ready for a relationship, and she moved on. So did I. Months later, I got a promotion and moved to a new location. And there she was again. By this time, I got my swag back emitting testosterone every I went. Finally, we talked, dated and on a fall evening in Brooklyn NY, I proposed. We’ve been married for 15 years.

  2. That was so amazing, God put you two together for a reason and look at you now, Beautiful Homes, Career, Beautiful Kids and Grandkids…..A True Blessing, The heart wants what it want and it brought you together…..I love hearing about how you met, Such an amazing story…Love you All

  3. You are a wonderful person, I hope you see all the good ????????????????

  4. Steve has a beautiful wife I love his show his clothes are style and profiling Anyway keep it up with the show and your beautiful family

  5. That’s sad ..seems it’s all about beauty. Superficial human beings . All this talk about inner beauty is a farce. .. I guess.

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  8. Now he should play Frankie Beverly Why Do Fools Fall In Love

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