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Follow Your Gift, Not Your Passion

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  1. Wow. It makes me think about what is my gift. There are things I like to write little expressions that come to me about events in my life. Not sure how that would be profitable.

  2. Thank you I really enjoyed that got me to thinking about my self.
    Keep up the great god gift you have .

  3. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, Steve gift is ministry. I can imagine the souls he will bring to the kingdom of God. Man! His reward is HUGE!????
    Love ya big bru!????….keep encouraging ????

  4. What if you’re multi gifted?

    1. Hi Alexis, that is a wonderful blessing from GOD that you have multiple gifts. My advice to you is that it does not matter how many gifts you have, you should lean towards a gift that you naturally like/tend to do. If you feel like you’re negligent towards your other gift’s you need to acknowledge this; if you feel like you have to use your other gifts because people think you should do it or even that you think you should do it, this will lead to stress and continuous unfullillment due to trying to do many things. If you channel the gifts you love to do, you will be able to do it at your best because you will naturally continue to use that gift and want to improve on that. You will enjoy what you do and for sure people will enjoy and be enlightened from your gift. After all we all have gifts to share to each other and should not be comparing who is more because that is not what it is about. Our gifts shine to share with each other and to bless each other with. Hope this helps!

  5. THIS BLESSED ME!!!!! Wow!

  6. Thank you for the motivation massage,because I needed to here that,my mind has been in a slump for so many years,and I’m still trying to make out my talent,and maybe it’s not for everyone….
    I hope that everyone can look into there inter-mind and seek for that gift,because we all are gifted by our creator….
    God bless!

  7. I can’t say enough about you, Mr. Harvey. You are indeed in my corner. Just listening to the Follow your gift, not your passion clip is truly inspiring. You are an absolute inspiration. Keep being Brilliant. It’s 12:59 am and sfter listening to you, I jumped out of bed to create more of my *one of a kind* earrings by yours truly, *Art from Venus*.

  8. Gifted at too many things. That is my issue. So, the best thing for ME is not to worry about it and do what mammas do best.

  9. Praise God???????? You came on right on time!! May God continue to pour you out and fill you up!

    We know and so many are coming to know, what Seed time & harvest looks like and sounds like! May it Flow????

    God’s continual Blessing,

  10. Steve, thank you for using the gifts God has blessed you with to encourage, inspire and motivate His people. You are a blessing, please continue to be the light that shines in this world.

  11. Mr. Steve Harvey now that’s a word right there! Thank you!

  12. Love that Mr S Harvey & you’re absolutely spot on. I’m definitely going to start following my gift & hopefully touch those whom I’m close to. Have a blessed year & all the best Steve????????????????????????❤️

  13. Thank You for sharing… I appreciate ithat, I needed to hear that. God bless you.

  14. Thank you for the reminder on following my gift. Love hearing your inspirational words. God has definitely blessed you and thank you for sharing your gift of wisdom. Please continue sharing. Have a blessed day 🙂

  15. Steve Harvey I want to tell you how much God has used you to reach me. I came home from prison 08-17-18. I heard you and I have changed I’ve sold drug’s most of my life you help me see that I am a man a husband a father and I get up for work every day now I only get to hear your show for the first 15 mins but it helps me be a better black man for my family. Thank you and God bless you Steve. My name is Antione Lovelace

  16. Dear Steve,
    I would ask how you doing but I assume you are doing great at this point in life. I just watched the clip about your gift and wanted to say thank you. I was deported from the United States and have been struggling in various areas of my life. I am gifted at cooking and have ignored my gift for a long time. At the risk of sounding like a lot of men who mess up and then try to blame the system I will say that I was wrongfully deported. Being a father of three, this has been very hard for me. As I am learning to build a relationship with God and trying to understand His workings, I am learning more and more that like you said we all have a gift that will bring us to where God planned for us to be. I am sure when you started your career you had no idea that one day God would using you through your career and success to uplift the lives of so many. I am now trying to pursue my gift. It is quite a challenge due to my situation but I have faith and know that if I give 100% I will be a success. If I’m not rich at least I will know I am doing what I was intended to do and God is pleased. I have been separated from my children for 5yrs. Faith and patience is all I have at this point, your video just added inspiration. Thank you.

  17. I don’t know what is my gift is!!!

  18. I’m lost honestly. I understand everything you’re saying sadly I have to add an but to it though. I’m 22 with a 1 y/o and husband for 1 year on the 26th. Lately I’ve neen so depressed because I didn’t know what my passion is. Now that I’m seeing this video … what is my gift? I honestly still don’t know. My childhood wasn’t a good child hood with successful people so how could I experience something I’m gifted at with no guidance ? I just don’t want to be a failure in my daughter eyes and want her to better than me.I don’t want my husband to look at me like I have no ambition either.

  19. I love to write poetry and I would like to do stand up poetry. I would be nervous, it would be my first time. I use to write in middle and high school but, life got in the way. On 9/20/18 I begin putting all of my thoughts, feelings, experience ‘s in poetry on paper. I have so many, I would love to publish, share, get copyrights, I want to do a poetic memoir of my life for my husband,children family and true friends. I ask if you could guide me or help me, I am willing to learn how.
    I have been going through so much and would love to elaborate.
    Only if you set a date to see what I have to say. I need you to be able to relate.
    I have so many postive messages, I would love to share.
    Some messages I would say “Beware”.
    I would just love to say what I need to say loud and clear.
    As you said “typing and texting is not the only way to get something out.
    You wouldn’t know if I’m calm or wanted to shout.
    I just need you to have no doubts of who? Or what I’m about.
    Now please show me, How much you care?
    Remember, my nervousness will probly be there.
    Because I never performed anywhere.
    I have alot that I need to share.
    I always want to be treated fair.
    Don’t worry, I will make sure I do my hair.
    I’m not trying to look like I don’t care.
    Just know I would want my family there.
    They know my passion now, even when I used to hide how I really felt.
    I now know my family care.
    I’m just trying to see their hearts melt.
    I need them read, hear, and see the cards I’ve been dealt.
    If it turns out that it brings me wealth,
    That great, I just started writing to express myself.
    I am a blessing to them,
    They’re a blessing to me,
    I need you to be the blessing to me.
    I want god to see the positive change in me daily.
    I no longer want anything bundled up inside, it’s causes anxiety.
    I to blessed to let any stress be my reality.

    Latosha N. Cannon, AkA: Butterfly 76 Poetry…

  20. I really love that .Passion changes and can be duplicated or copied but a talent is unique and personal

  21. This was good!! And so were the comments! I just want to add to all who have not recognized their talent, it’s ok. If you’re helping someone else, say your husband, with his gift or passion, your gift could be the gift of help. I know it doesn’t sound like it’s a profitable gift but trust the process. As long as you are productive and surround yourself with people who have vision you never know what door God will open or has already opened. There is a time and place for everything!

  22. I believe that your passion is your gift. If you have a gift in something you don’t like to do, why do it? If you’re passionate, you can learn how to do what it is you want to do. When Steve Harvey talked about how bad Church singers should just stop. Well, maybe it’s because they weren’t taught properly. In most public schools, children aren’t taught how to draw right, so when they are passionate and draw something good, people consider the fact they drew well a gift. The real gift is the passion. I think of gifts as potential things you could do. So to find what you like to do, explore your gifts a bit. Then, if you find you passion, get more into it. For instance, professional artists need passion to get as good as they are. Drawing at that level does not come easily at first; things only become truly easy when you’ve learned how to do it right, and success breeds more room for improvement. And besides, what’s he point in bein gifted in something you don’t like to do?

  23. Suppose you are good in a lot of things one is not better than the other. Then what?

  24. thanks Steve, I really needed this one, been trippin’ and this set me straight…just gotta beive right?

  25. Hello Steve. I want to thank you for this article. I have identified a few gifts and will go from there. One of my passions is technology, but I later realized it’s a passion and not a gift. What an eye opener! Excited to see how I can proceed from here.

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