How The Mentoring Camp Helped | Mentoring Mondays With The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation

On Mondays, I’ve been mentoring young men one-on-one and in groups through my foundation I wanted to hear about what they’ve been going through and mentor them so they can stay positive. Here’s the story of one young man who started at my camp as a boy and now he’s a successful young man!

Please join me for my Mentoring Monday sessions, and then I encourage you to become a mentor to someone that can use your help. Let’s all pay it forward and take care of the young folks.

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  1. Hi Mr Harvey.
    Have been watching your program for while,just wish to appreciate you for all you have been doing for people especially the youth. Wish to thank you more sir for your unendless inspiration and motivation to people especially me. You are indeed sir a great blessing to this generation and your world.ever thought people like you still exist. May God almighty Continue to bless you with long life and success sir.

  2. Hello sir
    Have followed your story, your journey to greatness is really inspiring. Everyday before going to bed I pray to God to bless my hustle and make my dream come true. All I have always wish for is to put a big smile on the face of my beautiful mum.Her unending love and sacrifice for my life is worth life itself.
    Your mentee Mark..
    writing from Bahrain.

  3. Love this Mr. Harvey keep up the good work God-bless

  4. Positive man to reach out to kids who are fatherless.

  5. I Love what you doing with these young Men’s that Fatherless they need this in their life I am struggling to get my grandson a Mentor,he need to be in something like this ,he need to be encouraged be lifted up and know that he’s not by hisself his name is Davaun he is 15 he plays football in high school he great at it PLEASE HELp

    1. Hi Cathy, for more information about the foundation, visit:

  6. Hi mr.harvey my name is glenisha brown . I’m 20 years old and I’ve been watching your show for a long time and your movies to like the johnsons family vacation. My dad loves your show to .. he even sings your song from the steve harvey show “the funk hits the fan” song .anyways I wanted to ask you what can I do to better myself as being a talented singer because I’ve been singing my whole life … and working hard at it to.. if you want I can sing to you .. but it’s okay if you dont have time for it.. I appreciate you reading this message okay bye.

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