I can take anything and make it funny

I can take anything and make it funny

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  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Dear Mr. Steve Harvey.

    Help for families with a disabled child

    People with disabilities are particularly in need of protection and solidarity.

    Families with a child affected by disability live in a special situation. They fulfill their duties responsibly and with great self-evidence. At the same time, however, this often means a significantly lower family income for the families (often the father cannot work) and particularly high financial burdens!

    Single parent and diabetic father of an 18-year-old disabled boy

    had not seen his family since 1997 ! Even in the case of death to pay his last respects to his parents,
    We request to help the family for a family Reunion !!!!
    We are waiting for your feedback !



  2. On Wednesday I had a dream that I would meet Steve harvey.

  3. Thursday I kept calling alot of different phone numbers over and over again.

  4. Saturday and Sunday I did the same thing.

  5. Tuesday I kept checking to see if I got an email to see steve harvey was coming because I noticed the publishers clearing house was on the way to my house.

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