Soul Music, Rap, and Elton John

Soul music just hits different.

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  1. Steve, I agree with you 100 percent, there is nothing like SOUL MUSIC. R&B. It has something to say .

  2. The word “soul” speaks to the source of creation. It has been said, “if you don’t recognize me, the rocks will cry out.” I deejay to play for the souls of the lost and found. I would enjoy a dialogue over what dimensions do you believe exists, since you say “it hits (force-Newtons laws) different.” Please explain more. As a teacher, working on providing a innovative way if thinking to bring about positive change, it would be heavenly to converse over the future of humanity. Are you open to more truth? I am and I hear you.

  3. Soul music is about chasing dreams. Where do we get these ideas that become words, sounds, and energies that bring about change at the core (soul) of our existence. I am thankful that God has a plan for us. I am chasing my dream to DJ for the world. I hope and pray that there are those willing to hear me today will reach out to help me achieve that dream. Amen.

  4. Music is a love language that transcends around the world.💞 Gospel, Soul, R & B, Jazz, Reggie, Rap…that touches the soul. It makes you want move. Music 🎶 sends messages to the heart mind and soul. Music is Love❣️

  5. I love music of all kinds. Thanks Steve!

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