If God allows one door to close…

If God allows one door to close…

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  1. Hello Mr. Harvery!
    I have been watching your show and I’m a big fan of you.
    I really like your speech “If God allows one door to close…” I would like to request you to kindly give me the permission to use this one my youtube channel Jespiration. I’m just starting but your video will really help. A proper attribution will be included if permitted.

    Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways.

    Somboi Khaute
    Manipur, India

  2. Yes He does! God is so, so Good!

  3. He always makes a way and wait on Him to open the right one. We as Christians are taught to walk by faith and not by sight. Stress makes it difficult and patience is thrown. That’s when the enemy may request the favor from God to attack. The barriers may be there but have the patience,faith, and trust like Job. And repeat “I will never curse my God and I will live”. My grandma always said worry about what you can control and don’t worry about what you can’t. I thank God for Jesus and my family (whew). Much love and many blessings-from the mom of 7.

  4. I love it and I needed this message.

  5. So he can open another one. Shut door so millions can open

  6. Thank You Uncle Steve

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