If I was a minister …

If I was a minister …

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  1. Steve do not share the Lord’s work with Satan. The money you can earn from Satan it’s also what you not asking for. God promise you much more than money. He will extend your life and continue using you in the way that he is

  2. *Personal*

    Steve – in addition to being a hysterically funny man, I see you are doing God’s work.
    Although HE has blessed you – only some see how you’ve passed those blessings on. Paying them forward.

    For those reasons alone I pray our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ continue to heap blessing upon you.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Terry Papay.

  3. Mr Harvey
    You are the most generous and caring man i have ever watched.you have a beatiful heart .you are the prime exsample of what a nan should be.Your family is beatiful and blessed to have a man like you.Your the best of them Mr.Harvey god bless you and all of your family.STAND PROUD you are the man no one could ever walk in your shoes.
    Love you no one better on tv then you steve just love your show.


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