We take so much for granted … Say Thank You

We take so much for granted … Say Thank You

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  1. Hi Steve I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to be here with my son in Rockford Michigan he has made my life so much easier and it’s allowing me to try and find a way to come out of my funk. Thank you Steve Harvey for being you and allowing God to shake me through you amen!

  2. Blessed Day!
    Mr. Harvey, you are so right about that alarm clock waking you up. I look at that clock two ways. If that alarm clock, man-made, stop working, and it doesn’t ring, am I up are still sleep or dead? The second way I look at that alarm clock. I look at it this time as ringing, and some people didn’t get up. Last, according to my logic, it is my God who wakes me up because sometimes, I can’t recall falling asleep. I have learned, as well, when those eyes open to say thank you or any words of gratitude before I use that restroom.
    Thank you, Steve, for being obedient to the Holy Spirit, realizing your gift(s) & purpose, and telling somebody else about our Father in Heaven. This is your ministry…don’t stop because I hear you…TEARS!!

  3. So True, Mr Harvey. Just be THANKFUL for all our Heavenly Father has done for you! I am so Blessed that I refused to be STRESSED! Have a wonderful bless day.

  4. Beautiful message. We should Always be THANKFUL TO GOD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE, AND STILL DOING. God gave me a message to share with others and it’s title: LOOK UP AND SEE HOW GOOD GOD IS. No matter what we’re going through God is right there but it takes FAITH to look up

  5. Yes Amen as everyday is a true blessing. Without him where would we be. I’m true believer and I tell him thank you every morning through the day.
    Keep doing what you’re doing he really helps others.

  6. Every day is an opportunity to love, share, and serve. Say thank you for everything. The good, the bad, and the in between. God knows it all!

  7. I wanted to thank Steve for making my day I love watching the funnest answers on family feud on YouTube

  8. A man named Ralph Polo, batch #876430, called me at 5 a.m. & says you are sending me $480,000 . Do you these things? I was thrilled. but scared cause of so much scamming going on with we seniors. Please if this is really from you and it’s legit…I have so many ways to bless my Lord Jesus with that money. I prayed about it & asked the Lord if it were true to have them call me back.

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