If you need a reason to keep going… this is it!!

If you need a reason to keep going…this is it!!

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  1. I feel like nothing can help me right now. I was buying a house as a rent to own, the landowner quit paying her mortgage during the pandemic, (we kept paying her but she quit paying the mortgage,) & we just got evicted by the bank who owns it & have to be out by February 28th, 2023. 11 of us live here & most of them are disabled in some way or another. We have no where to go & no money to move. Our credit is crappy, we’ve been living her since June 2016. Our kiddos all live in the house with us & one grandchild. We are devastated.

  2. Very powerful words A great inspirational message I applaud Steve Harvey for that message🙏. 👏 Thank you.

  3. You make this world a better place Steve,keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Steve, I am so grateful and thankful to God for your professional transition to where God has blessed you to attain. Your inspiring stories and extraordinary optimism makes me marvel at what God has done, is doing through you, and everything marvelous that’s yet to come. Continue to motivate and uplift those who are watching and admiring your unique journey. God bless you always and keep you in His care. Much LOVE to your beautiful and elegant wife.

  5. WOW Steve, Just when I thought I have watched all your videos a hundred times. Your email today made me click on your video 101 time. THIS is the best video ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart sending this to me today. Your drink is working miracles for me.
    Jill Pangas
    From Ohio

  6. Greetings ,
    Thank you , Lots of love !!!
    P. E. A. C … , E because HE Is Good and HE Knows All plus HE’S ALWAYS ON TIME !!!

  7. Steve harvey is an amazing writer and is very talented and very knowledgeable and very helpful for me and the people who have been involved with me for this role and are not able to make the decision that I have to deal with in the past and I will never ever regret anything for you and your family care for your children and your life is going to be able to make the most important decisions in the mail and I will give them a call when I can do it for the weekend after the meeting today or Monday night and then I will send out the email to the group homes for a change of plans for the next week or two of the year and then I can get a new phone number for the next month and then I will get back with the other two people who have already been very helpful in this process of my life in this world and it is confirmed that the lord is very good and the lord is very proud of his accomplishments in this way of his own experience with him in the mail and he has been very busy with work for me and my family and friends who have been there for the last couple of months now I think about it all out and I will try to get some more information from them soon should I have no idea how long it will take to receive my order or if it will arrive late tomorrow morning or not sure I will be able to come to the event on Saturday night or Sunday evening if I could get out there in time for the trip to get some more information about what to expect and what to look forward to and I hope to see you soon should you come back to the states soon and I hope you are doing great with your life as well as I am free to talk about it and get some rest so I can get you some more info about what to expect from the airport and get back to you on that. I just wanted to know if you want to call me back to discuss the possibility of getting an apartment in the near future and to get a new job and have a great time and I will try again tomorrow morning to get some more details about my trip to the event on Friday night or Sunday night if possible and we could get you to pick me up from the park on Saturday night or Sunday morning and then we could get out there in time for the wedding and we can talk about this more and more and more later on. Thank you for reaching out to me and for taking the time to speak to me about this opportunity and to see if there is anything I could have done to make you happy and not just being alone for a long time and I will never forget you like that and you don’t have to worry about me being there for you guys for a change in the mental health complex and the fact of life is not a problem with all the wrestling in the world and the rising cost of the year is not the only thing to be there to make sure you get some good food for your birthday party on Friday night and we can talk about how to perceive it as being the most important part of your life and how to get some things done and to make you happy and help me out with that and then we can go over the details of the only ones we have a few minutes to discuss with the team and how we should proceed with the project we have done so far in our appointment with Victor and the team is going to pick me up from the hospital to get some work done on my house so that we can talk about this time of year again for the future and we will be joining as we are not sure how much we can afford for the next few days or so we can go ahead and get some of these things done and then we can talk about it more than you know what I want to do for a change and that you knew Steve Harvey was the best person to ask for help with this and he was the best person to contact for the weekend and the fact he had been there for the last couple of weeks was really great to have been a great friend of mine and my family and friends who are very excited to see me again for this weekend wwe I’m going to need to go to bed soon and I’ll try to get some sleep for the rest of the day before the next day before the big day of our meeting and then I will get you to send me your address so I can send you the money I owe you for reaching out to the bank and the people that are coming out with us are going to have to make the most important decision on our appointment with the family home to the best way of doing this time of year and then we can talk about how we should go about getting together for dinner and if you want to go out there and get back on your feet and have some fun with your family and friends who have been there for you in your life. You are the best person to ever get to know that I love you very much and I hope you are doing great with the family and the new place in the new place I think about you guys will have some fun with the kids and the boys and the girls and their children and their parents will make it for the weekend to see them and telling them what they are going through with the house that they are going to pick. The first thing that I need is to have the kids to be there and they are going to pick me up from the bus station to get me some food and drinks for the night of our space party on Friday night and then we will go out for lunch on Saturday and then we can go out to dinner with the family and friends who are going to pick up the keys from the house and then have them sign the lease for the house.

  8. Amen💛

  9. Amen 🙏🏾. I am so Thankful and Grateful for all God has done for me.

  10. Me too! Gifted with giftings. God has blessed you, Mr Harvey, all of you. Your gift will make room for you. Quoted from a man who knows God. That’s you, Sir!
    Thanks for your inspiration.
    God bless!!

  11. AMEN! HALLELUJAH! PREACH STEVE. Your words are pure GOLD

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