It’s A Miracle

“In 2005 I was at my unhappiest point in life. You saw me on TV making money but I was miserable. I had reached the Kings of Comedy but I was only happy while I was on stage. I was in pain you would not believe. I was in a dark place. All I could think about was how did I get here?

I got here because of God’s grace. My plight had taken over me and I was about done, but right when you think you’re about done, don’t he always show up?

Can you name one single thing God ain’t brought you through? If he ain’t brought you through it, he’s currently pulling you through it right now. I know because you are reading this right now.

You can’t put limitations on the God I serve! If you just get out of the way! He does miraculous things all the time. It’s a miracle that I am sitting here today! Don’t give up! Prayer changes things and people too!”

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  1. thank you. this is making things easier for me.

  2. Yes Lord. God will always be on time.

  3. Just found these web page. Love your testimonies. God is so good and he is always watching over us. He’s got our backs.

  4. God is really above all

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