Overcoming Circumstances With Ray Louis

NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis joined me and on #HarveyMentoringMondays and shared some powerful words of encouragement with our young men!

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  1. So right

  2. So true

  3. I have no idea where to leave a comment as I don’t spend much time on the web. We have an amazing family here in our town the young kid I speak of is Randall that works at our local Hyvee (grocery store) he has siblings and a mother whom live in our small community prominently white but they work , they hustle, and the most amazing young man you would ever meet!

  4. Mr. Hervey,
    How are you? I need two things i from you. I want to work on your mentoring program show ing young ladies how to drew, wear makeup and other things. I will move to Dallas because i live in Houston. The other thing is a companion, i dont you can find me that. i have beening looking all my life and they just dont come. i am a nice looking woman, self sucficient, and lovable. can or will you help me. i just recieved my Associate degree in Business administration was working on my bachelor but financials got in the way. Help/

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