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Keep Looking Forward

Unforgiveness is like poison, you've heard this before... forgiveness is for you and not the other person.

It’s like driving a car looking in the rear-view mirror. That just doesn’t work. If you have someone that has wronged you and you’re carrying that around… That’s like cancer, let it go. If you have something that’s bothering you, move past it. God has something better for you but you have to let everything else go.

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  1. That dude that was on your show and claimed to have discovered Destiny’s Child lied. You google Andretta Tilmon and that’s who discovered Destiny’s Child. Matter of fact, that group was named after one of her nieces. Andretta died. Wycliffe John lied.

  2. Inspired, God bless

  3. Revenge? Naw I let my father God take care of that hes good at it And I do not want a front row seat! Steve Donna Brown has a GP

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